Jan 21, 2015

And the world you know begins to grow.

Hey guys!
We had a nice weekend and yesterday it was 65 degrees! I almost died and went to heaven....well...at least I did about 6 hours of early Spring cleaning. Warm weather gives me all the energy I need. I live on it. I really and truly do. That's why I can't live here anymore. But that's a story for another day.

All I've been listening to is the "Into The Woods" Soundtrack of course. I kinda live off songs, lyrics, and stories told through song as well. Sigh...wish I could see musical theater every day. But wishes are children, so...beware. :)

Anyway, more pastels for winter. I mean, pastels all year, but they are so much more necessary for me in winter. It makes me partially feel like I'm not in winter. I know I talk about the weather a lot and I have apologized for that in the past, but weather is important to me. It always has been. I have been getting flashbacks lately of feeling happy in warm weather and sad in cold weather a a child. It's just so interesting how we're all programmed differently.

We lived in El Centro California when I was in 5-6 grade and it's hot there...always hot. Probably comparable to Palm Springs. Maybe even hotter. Anyway, I remember being so happy that I could walk to school in the morning in short sleeves. Who cares? Me, I suppose.

Can you believe how much "stuff" people have? I'm pretty sentimental but I feel like I could keep my sentiments to a few items and not an entire room full of "stuff". I threw out bags and bags of "stuff" yesterday and it inspired me to try and live more simply. I am definitely a fan of smaller living spaces and it actually forces you to keep control of your "stuff". Yesterday's revelation.

Goldie is playing quietly in her room and I guess that's why I'm rambling here at the moment. Someday I want to be able to dedicate an hour a day to writing.

Anyway, she just came in and asked me to untangle her necklace, so I gotta go. Ha ha.

Silk Romper: Fancy Treehouse
Tneck: Fancy Treehouse

XO, Coury

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