A few of my favorite things.

 Hi guys! I get a lot of requests for suggestions of where people should go if they're visiting Los Angeles. I thought I would share some of my favorite places to hang out, shop, and get coffee, food, and treats just in case you were wondering the same thing. :) I'm leaving out obvious touristy attractions which I fully condone! The touristy attractions are part of the experience! (Hollywood stars, Universal Studios, Santa Monica Pier, etc)


Syrup Desserts
Sure, the waffles are great, but I come for the Georgia Peach and Cranberry Lemonade iced teas.

Coffeebar LA
Really beautiful coffee shop with seriously delicious coffee.

Bottega Louie
I really couldn't love this place any more. It's wonderful for coffee, breakfast, lunch, drinks, or dinner. I've never had anything here I didn't like. I especially recommend the pizza, cupcakes, salads, and pasta. All so spectacular and the service is so personal.

Really moody and luxurious bar with fabulously made drinks.

500 Days of Summer bench.
Well, I've never actually been up there but I drive by it almost every day. It's movie history. :)


This store is so fun. Ridiculously good cheeses and baguettes. At Christmas they have handmade Candy Canes!

Super sweet employees. AMAZING pastries and coffee. The gruyere biscuit is one of my favorite things in life.

It's so fun to sit up here with a lemonade and freshly baked treat! 

Don't go here if you don't like being stared at. Don't go to Silverlake at all actually. If you can look past that, it's a pleasant place. :)

Mohawk General Store
Really nice selection of shoes, jewelry, and home goods. Not the friendliest store...just don't expect a warm welcome and you won't be disappointed.

They have a great selection of vintage dresses. You can expect even less of a welcome here. I don't think I've ever even been spoken to by an employee but I have found some cute dresses so give and take!

La Mill
I could drink the lightly sweetened fruity Iced Tea everyday (and I did at one time). It's also really pretty inside.

Potato tacos are $1 on Mondays. Chewy chips are dangerously good.


Best sandwich of my life. No atmosphere at all but the sandwich, the sandwich! (Sometimes we sneak them into the movie theater..shh)

This neighborhood is straight from a movie and the hike is gorgeous! 

A truly beautiful shop.

It's always exciting to me to see the entire collection in one place. Such well made, classic pieces.

Such a fun and happy place to be! Great food all around. Yummy lemon basil cocktail. Bonus points because they have Rice Krispie Treats for dessert. :)

American Rag
Quality vintage clothing if you need a dress for your birthday or somethin'.


Little Flower Candy Co
Their salted caramels are nectar of the gods!

Father of the Bride House
I know I'm a dork but I love this neighborhood. I know I'm not the only one who takes walks here!

Heritage Square Museum
My favorite thing on earth: Old Houses.

For now, the only good coffee in Pasadena.