Aug 29, 2014

It's possible!

Simple, totally comfy outfit but I still feel like I'm pulled together (even with rips in my jeans).

I'm having a really good day. I don't even know why...but I'll take it. It's just a day like every other day. And yeah, I have bad days! Hey, don't question your good days....just go with them!

I'm actually getting excited for fall. Call me a lunatic. Go ahead.

Oh also, I love Goldie so much it gives me the aches. I couldn't have ever imagined how this feeling would come to pass. I imagined the feeling...for what seems like forever...but not how it comes to pass. I remember tweeting in 2008 (I know it's ridiculous that I remember this..but sometimes I'm ridiculous). It said something like "Gabe is gone at work all day and I need a or baby". Well, I finally feel like we're at the point where Goldie really is my buddy. I don't feel lonely when she's with me and we just have so much FUN together. And I know it only gets better and that blows my mind. I am so blessed. I hate the word blessed because it's been overused and used "yuckily" (not a word), but really that's how I feel so I'm just gonna say it.

Anyway, see ya! HAPPY WEEKEND! I'm gonna milk the last few Summery weekends and then, fall, it's our time!

I'm wearing:
Top: Fancy Treehouse

XO, Coury

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Aug 28, 2014

I'm a Peach!

Here's my Sunday outfit for running around and such.
Anyone else love "A League of Their Own" as much as me? Oh, everyone does? Cool.
I would just die if Goldie could be a rockford peach for Halloween. Anyone know anyone who can make her a costume? I know there is someone who makes them on Etsy but I don't think they are available anymore. It would be worth $$ to see her in that hat and those socks. Yeah, I would die.

Top from Onze
Bag from Bando

XO, Coury

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Aug 27, 2014

Coffee time.

Hey ya guys.
Here we are at good ole Barista Parlor.

Have a happy Wednesday.

XO, Coury

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