Jan 8, 2011

It gives you such a glow just to know you're wearing lipstick and heels!

Hey guys, I made a little guide of what's in my make-up bag because I've had a lot of questions about it and because make-up is really fun. :)

1. MAC lipstick
I would never want to look like Lady Gaga but this lipstick is my absolute dream. I want to wear it for the rest of my life. The perfect pink!
2. Cheekers Blush in Plumberry glow
I have used this blush for ever and ever. It's frighteningly cheap but it stays put and I love the color.
3. Bobbi Brown skin foundation
Worth the money.
4. Urban Decay Eyeshadow palette
Backstage at one of our Castledoor shows a couple of years ago, there was a huge bag of free Urban Decay make-up waiting for me. Other than it being one of the best things that's ever happened to me, it also hooked me on Urban Decay products. They are also all Vegan which is a major bonus.
5. Stila liquid eyeliner
I just got this for Christmas but it seems to last all day and is fairly easy to use.
6. The ole Great Lash
I just use whatever new mascara my mom and sister tell me about. I can't really tell a difference between cheap and pricey mascara so I usually go for the great lash.
7. Urban decay eyeshadow primer
Your eyeshadow will stay all day long...and then some.
8. Bobbi Brown touch up stick
I never used concealer before I got this one but it's really nice and creamy under the eyes.

So that's that!

I had been wearing way too many skirts so I needed a "ripped jeans day". These were taken a few days ago but I had to break up all the skirt-y-ness happening here. I'm just not drawn to pants very often so it's fun on days that I do wear them.
I wore my plush tights underneath my jeans and it was insane how nice it made my day! :)
In any case, I'll be back in a skirt tomorrow.
Gabe kept saying how weird I looked because he'd never seen me in white ripped jeans. Well, what's the point of blogging if you wear the same thing everyday?! (Don't worry, he's not mean. He added, "Not because I don't like it. You just look different. You look cute!")

(Top- Vintage, Jeans- c/o Iwearsin, Tights- AA, Jacket- H&M, Bag- Vintage that could be yours soon!)

Ps. I really enjoy reading your comments. A lot.



  1. Great makeup picks!


  2. oh..but the jeans do you fine....i'm not that great a fan of jeans too...but i really like the way you paired your ripped jeans with parka et al..fantastic!!!!

  3. You are too, too beautiful-I love reading your blog :)

  4. i love urban decay eyeshadow! i have a pallet like that, and the primer too! for christmas i got my 14 year old sister some cool makup and the primer is one of them. i told her she needs to learn about this stuff early on!

  5. I like this ripped jeans, striped shirt, brown parka and boots look!

  6. Hey I forgot I took these!
    I like the way they turned out, oh those stressful floor 14 shoots.
    IF you find me a navaho faux fur hooded toggle closure jacket I will not only give you the H&M green jacket you like, but give it for freeeeeeeee!

  7. hahah thats so cute of gabe!
    "you look cute" :)

  8. Aha, so that's where the pink lipstick is from! I've got to get myself one too!

    It is very weird to see you in jeans but I like it nonetheless. And yes, you look effortlessly cute:)


  9. "How lovely to be a woman" indeed. I've been obsessing over your lipstick for months now. I didn't realize it was good ole Lady Gaga for Mac. Such a great pink. This look is very cute and cool. You really can pull off any look.

  10. I love, love, love your boots! Where are they from?
    I agree with Gabe, you are just the sweetest to "listen" to and to see in pictures. You should do a video!

    Hayley :-)

  11. I love that you put flowers in your pocket! so cute!

    <3 Sarah

  12. The Urban Decay primer is THEEEE best eye primer ever! Love that stuff! Got my friend a set of all the different types: sparkly, matte, etc. for Christmas and was so tempted to keep them for myself lol

    Love your gold bag, too!

    Ps - you were right about the TJs Indian Fare, but I'm kind of a baby and the palek paneer was a leeeel spicey!

  13. again a wonderful outfit..can't say anything else..love it.



  14. LOOOOOOOOOVE the pics :)



  15. I agree, the jeans do look cute (: and I use that foundation, too ;D

  16. You look like a totally different person in jeans! :D real funny!


  17. You look flawless in skinny jeans, and these ones were simply made for you!

  18. Great blog .... Lovely boots ;)

  19. great outfit as always !!! I love how jeans looks on you :) It's really cute!

  20. So glad you posted makeup picks! I got so excited to buy a nice pink lipstick after seeing how good it looked on you in one of your posts.

  21. Thank you so much for sharing! I'll definitely be picking up that blush and some other stuff and I already own that lipstick. Love the outfit as well!

  22. you look great in these jeans. suits you well! i love it!! :)

  23. have you ever heard that you look exactly like Julia Roberts in blonde? :O


  24. i've been wondering for some time what color lipstick you wear. it's the perfect color for your complexion. i think we all want to feel like lady gaga a little bit, even if its something as small as the color of your lips.

    its nice to have a lazy jeans day. it makes wearing a skirt the next day that much more enjoyable. :)

    hope you're having a good weekend.

  25. hi! i love your lookbook, your style is amazing. greetings from spain!

  26. i have been addicted to the urban decay primer for what feels like forever now and the shimmer version is my newest makeup obsession! and now that we know your makeup secrets you must tell us how you get such ahh-mazing texture to your hair! (pretty please!)


  27. Yes! Now I know where to find the perfect shade of pink for my lips! Sadly, MAC seems to be sold out online, but hopefully they're not in stores! Thanks for sharing! Love the white pants. I haven't been able to find a pair that I love just yet. In fact, the last time I wore white pants... it was the 7th grade!

    Stop by soon!

  28. I love you in white ripped jeans! They look great.

    Thanks for sharing with us what's in your makeup bag. I've been getting more into makeup this past year, and it's a lot of fun. I just can't seem to get blush to work for me, though--I'm already a little flushed naturally, and it tends to look freaky under fluorescent lights. I'll have to try the one you posted! I've read in some magazines that really bright, really sheer blush looks great on everyone, and the one you posted certainly seems to fit that bill.

    The joy of comments never does diminish, does it?


  29. I'm in love w/ that shade of pink in that lipstick! Great post!

    Also, I am obsessing over your boots in this outfit (great outfit all together, but these boots are phenom!) You must tell me where you purchased them from! :)

    I hope you're having a lovely weekend!


  30. Heyy,
    Just stumbled upon your blog and I will definitely be coming back :)
    I love your make up picks -- Bobbi Brown foundation is PERFECT.
    Also you are so beautiful! A bit random but you look a bit like Julia Roberts.
    Martha x

  31. i really like the striped top, it looks like it suits you well!
    oH and I really like your hair do, its super cute. :)

  32. want viva glam gaga!


  33. Love it, your makeup always looks so pretty and natural!


  34. i use that same blush! it is amazing! love the outfit too! :)


  35. Those jeans are great.

    & you're right - it's always nice to mix up your style every once in a while..!



  36. that lipstick-- do you put it directly on lips, or layer over concealer?

  37. Dear anonymous annie:

    This lipstick is great because it's sheer but the color is buildable. The first coat will just be a pretty sheer pink..if you do 2 or 3 its more of a noticeble pink. I just put it straight on..no concealer or anything.

  38. I think I need this MAC lipstick! Love the jeans.


  39. Has anyone ever told you that you look like Julia Roberts? As I was looking through these pictures it just occurred to me that you do! Gorgeous photos. That MAC lipstick looks gorgeous on you- I love it.


  40. love that lip color on you so much.. & those jeans.. & that purse... & the whole outfit actually. :) xx


  41. Love the casual chic!



  42. love the jacket! the bag is really sweet too, the whole outfit looks amazing :)
    Stacey @ VPV

  43. I so agree with your title! Fashion do make us glow and feel good about ourselves!

  44. This comment has been removed by the author.

  45. I use the same blush and mascara! Love them. Thanks for sharing.

    By the way, I just discovered your blog about a week ago and I'm SMITTEN :).


  46. Cute look! I love your jeans! Thanks for sharing your make-up secrets xxx


  47. Oooohhh, i wish I could wear lipstick like that - I just can't get into wearing lipstick.

    Do you circle your whole eye with liner? I've been trying to branch out to the liquid liner world.

  48. OH!! Thanks for sharing about the make-up! I was wondering about the blush. Loves to you Miss CJ.

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