Jul 23, 2010

Simple means.

As we were heading out the door to the grocery store this morning, Gabe said "You're gonna wear that?". I didn't take offense because he just knows I don't like being stared at. But of course then I kept thinking some elderly woman at the store was going to say, "You shouldn't be wearing a little girls outfit". I'm not paranoid since this actually happened to me and Lisa once. At church. We were wearing the same dress. Life is so embarrassing sometimes.

I really love rompers though. Aren't they the best? So comfortable and I really do feel 5 years old in them and suddenly the sun looks more interesting and life is just little more fun.

Lindsay asked me where I got my glasses and I'm so happy to share! There's a tiny store in Pasadena called "Old Focals". It is packed full of vintage frames. AMAZING place. Super great prices. I need to go back and get sunglasses with my prescription.



It's a beautiful LA summer day!
Have a good Friday everyone!


  1. that's adorable for grocery shopping! you have the same paranoias that i do (people staring)... i always ask my sister "is this okay to wear or can "they" not handle it?"

    oh life :)

  2. Those boots and that playsuit. Incredible. You make me want to steal those shoes right off your feet.

  3. I love rompers too, but unfortunately they make me look like an umpa lumpa! You definitely pull them off nicely, though! :)

  4. this is my new favorite outfit!
    i just purchased a romper that i love, and now i'm craving more!
    you have such a great blog, i'm so excited to read more!!


  5. oh and i forgot to mention!
    tomorrow i'm having a look of the week post.
    i will take looks from my favorite bloggers that i think are the best.
    (of course i will site these sources)
    anyway, if you are interested in having this look be included please comment on my blog OR email me at thesillylittlethings@gmail.com!
    (i like to get permission from the blogger before i post their picture!)


  6. I love your blog and style. You have great dress – it’s beautiful. I’m from Poland so I wrote not many to you. If you want, you can visit me: http://penteleczka.blogspot.com/

  7. ahwe, i so love your style! the boots! i love it!


  8. You are a doll! Thank you for sharing, so sweet! Your outfits are the best. If you had a shop I would visit when I visit LA. No, really!

    I check out your ebay store often. I'm 5'-10", and curvy. I love your dresses. I'll keep checking back for the perfect one!! :)

  9. i don't enjoy being stared at either, but i do enjoy standing out a little, so i guess its give and take. rompers have not only the coolest name ever, but they are entirely youthful and if you are one of few adult women who can pull them off, you should definitely rock them for as long as you can. :)


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