Jul 19, 2010

Sugar barons & cotton kings.

Relaxing day. We layed by the pool and had family dinner...minus Marty (dog)...who wasn't invited by me since he snapped at me this morning. Well, it really hurt my feelings...
Had some incredible cheesecake with hot fudge. Oh my. It was delightful.
Some more big news (JK) is that I have fallen in love with Disney's "The Princess and the Frog". I love everything about it. The setting, the songs, the complete inspiration to work hard to make your dreams come true. I can't wait to watch it with my future (sometime) children.
It's terribly hot today but I'm always cold when I go inside anywhere on days like this so I always wear a light jacket. Gotta take care of yourself. I also carry around chocolate in my purse....juuuuust in case I get irritable...fixes that right up!
Also, I am finally getting used to wearing my glasses on certain days. HUGE news. JK again.
Ok, gotta run..I'm with my favorite people right now and we're going to do some night swimming and later on have some ice cream or something. (Right, guys? Or was the cheesecake our dessert? I hope not.)
I want to NEVER, EVER, EVER forget days like today or take them for granted.





Love you!


  1. i have the same glassers :) except they make my eyes look owlish because i have an embarrassingly high prescription. very inspirational, thanks.

  2. oh i love this post & think you look gorgeous. have fun and i agree with what you say about never wanting to forget good times x

  3. i like your outfit,nice skirt!

    xx charmediem.blogspot.com

  4. the glasses really suit you, you should wear them more. i know exactly what you mean about being cold when you get inside. i cycled to the shops and got so hot, but all the air con gave my goosebumps, i was frozen! i had to keep popping outside to warm up! the bunny tee is very cute, and thats another nice pair of clogs! x

  5. lovely coat:)
    good look, I'll add your blog to "follow" ;)


  6. Super cute shirt!:)
    -Rio (http://showersofsunflowers.blogspot.com/)

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  8. great style , ahhh i love all your outfits

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  10. i love this whole outfit,
    you have a lovley blog im following

    peace x


  11. Love, love your glasses! Please, please share where you got'em from (i'm kind of a glasses addict!)

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