Aug 20, 2010

Pack it up.

So, I guess this is our heat wave...and I still wear a cardigan everywhere.
Spent the morning packing up everything and essentially destroying all the order I've tried to hard to create at this place for the last three years. Well, we must destroy in order to rebuild!
This cool, crepey, floral tank dress is perfect for the heat.
Also, I painted a new Olive green stripe on my bag. Refreshed! I'm thinking of buying a Mulberry Alexa rip-off on eBay..I just need to admit to myself that I'll never buy the original so...might as well! It's kind of trendy anyway..the whole satchel thing. But I super love it.

I'm trying to get my order back so I turned on Father of the Bride 2. Feeling better. Oh, Nina Banks due date was Labor day and I was born on labor day. Nice useless info for ya. (:

Back to work!


  1. that's right - i almost forgot we were born like 2 days apart (and a year or two) - go virgo!

  2. really gorgeous dress,
    oh and in the last post, I thought those light brownish slip ons that you wore with your red striped sweater and brown shorts were very cute. They look comfortable.

  3. Love that dress! I love the swingy feel of it. Absolutely perfect for the weather. Yay, for virgos!

  4. oh goodness! I want that cardigan. And now I want to watch some George Banks in action... :)

  5. My dear I have fallen madly love with your blog. You have the most enchanting style. I found you through the beautiful Ediot.

    By the way is quite terrifying how much you resemble Julia Roberts!



  6. I'm always wearing a cardigan regardless of the weather.
    love the floral print!


  7. Even with the cardigan, this look embodies summer to me. Maybe summer nights, but summer nonetheless. And I love it!


  8. Love your dress!! Forever 21 makes a very Alexa-inspired bag for like $30.

    xoxo, Ashley

  9. that dress is just adorable, and the slouchy cardigan looks great paired with it.

    Chic on the Cheap

  10. what a good idea to paint your bag!
    Love the outfits.
    Recently got my fringe cut back in due to loving your beautiful hair!

  11. love the dress! nice blog :)

    Jess from Taiwan.


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