Aug 11, 2010

You can't stop my shine!

This is my "responsible" outfit. I guess in my mind any time you wear a blazer you're being responsible.

We ate lunch at Wurstkuche which is a good place to go about twice a year. I don't drink beer (unless it tastes like sparkling apple juice) and I'm not fond of exotic meats. Sounds like the "wurst" place for me to go. Sometimes (twice a year) it sounds fun. Yes, Gabe got a duck & bacon sausage...he is an immense fan of exotic meats. Sounds yuck but the new me tries every food once so if he wouldn't have "wolf-ed it down" so quickly I would have tried a bite. (:

We have sooooooooooo much work to do. I don't even know where to start. Moving is really hard. But it will all be worth it!
Actually I do know where to start..a fun job of picking out paint colors. I am kinda set on painting the whole place pink but trying to convince Gabe has been daunting. I'll keep trying!

Anyone know any good Domino mag website replacements? That was such an amazing resource.. I do love Design Sponge.

Anyway, more later.
Have a spectacular day!


  1. i like so much ur outfit :)

  2. i love the way you write! theres always something in your posts that makes me chuckle.
    oh and im completely jealous of all your inventive ways of tying belts! i cant get further than the obvious, through the buckle option! x

  3. Hmm... here's what i can think of now...

    My fave [physical] home mags (RIP Blueprint & Domino) are:
    - Living Etc. (uk)
    - House & Home (canada)
    - Vogue Living (australia)
    - Marie Claire Maison (france)

    My fave [online] home mags & sites:
    - Apartment Therapy
    - Lonny
    - By Fryd
    - The Design Files
    - Desire to Inspire
    - Absolutely Beautiful Things

  4. I get you - blazers are way more adult then sweatshirts. Also, duck is delicious. Next time make sure to swipe a bite!

    xoxo, Ashley

  5. Moving stinks, however moving to a pink palace would really cushion the rough part of moving! Check out Sweet Home Style on Tumblr for a bunch of random interior decorating shots. It usually leads me to other good place too. Best of luck with the move!

  6. I'm sure you already know about this website, but apartment therapy has some really good ideas. Right now, there's actually a tour of some guys loft featured on the site. I'm so excited to hear and to see what you do with the place. Which building did you end up going for? Anyway, I love the outfit! Very euro chic!

  7. Oh, great outfit! And the food doesn't look too bad I think :-)

  8. love your look!!! ;) i am so ready to wear blazers... 105 degrees today. Not gonna happen!

  9. you are always really cute.
    and you have the best legs.
    i'm a creep, but i'm just being honest! : )

    i hope he lets you paint it pink.

    oh, and i want a blazer now.
    i'm finding one today.

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  12. Hello! I've been on vacation and had to play catch up with my blog reading this morning.

    Love, love, loooove the photo with the black doors above. It's my favorite. Those doors...I swoon.

    I can only dream about chilly August days. The heat index here (Texas) was 107 yesterday. Whatt? There's something wrong with that picture...

    Design, design. My favorite. Let's see, House Beautiful is currently my favorite mag since Domino died. Also Elle Decor, and if you go to the bookstore, definitely check out the UK and Australian versions of home design mags. Muuuch better than ours.

    Did I read that you have babies on the brain? Meee tooo. I'm 27 and my mama clock is tick, tick ,ticking

    See you around (:


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