Sep 10, 2010

Dead flowers.

Just another day in the neighborhood.

We built closets in our bedroom this avo. There is not a closet to be seen in this building.
They look like cabanas with lace overly. Love them. I said it felt like a princess room and Gabe got a disgusted look on his face. I guess he never dreamed he would live in a princess room...whatever that even means.
I also finally put up this For Like Ever poster that I've had for almost 2 years. Love it too.

This super cute anchor shirt was sent to me by darling Ediot. She hand-screen-prints each shirt and had the cutest tag attached! It definitely inspired me to make little tags. Thanks so much for the one has ever sent me anything fun like that so you can imagine how excited I was. :) I wore it with my new favorite "army" shirt/jacket, the peach loafers I wear WAY too often, and my vintage Levi's cut-offs. The best part about the shorts is the wallet marks in the back pocket...I often wonder who wore them before me. Best part of wearing vintage!

Art walk is tonight so we probably won't get much sleep tonight!
And now I gotta get to work!



  1. I love this whole look! The anchor shirt is awesome, and I love it paired with the black and brown! :)

  2. i have you on bloglovin- so i always read your post.
    you have no idea how happy i am to see you in this tshirt, you look so stunning in it! wish you a happy weekend- you just made mine a whole lot better.


  3. I love your tee! You look great:)

  4. Gorgeous look. I like big bobby pins like yours!

    Have a nice weekend.

  5. I have yet to make my way up to art walk but I definately need to, it seems like such a good time.

    I mean wine and art... you can't really go wrong with that combination.

  6. You look so wonderful!

    Just came across your blog! :)

  7. The 3rd to last picture is absolutely magnificent. Just sayin'.

  8. Your so beutiful!
    Loving ya blog n style!
    and two questions to improve mine please!
    Can you tell how you do it for umpload the pictures big like this??

    Of course I follow you!

  9. I'm only stating the obvious here, but you are all sorts of stunning. And I have a major crush on your handbag :)

  10. For like ever. cuuute :)


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