Oct 14, 2010

Dream a little dream..

There are many other things I should be doing (including YouTube karaoke..not even joking as I'm home alone) but instead I picked out all my favorite bags & shoes on Polyvore.
My sister and I always play the "pick one thing off each page" game with catalogues (I know, our activities are terribly regal) so if I had to play that game with my collages...well, I simply couldn't. I sat here for awhile and tried. But I cannot. :)


Fave shoes

Hope you're all having a lovely evening. Birdie and I are enjoying our humble abode and we have Art Walk going on downstairs so it's fairly noisy tonight. I'm going to get some work done now although all I want to do is online shop and watch an awful movie on instant netflix.



  1. love all the colors!


  2. those leopard flats are def. what I can pick out!!

  3. really love the pink bag, its so very ladylike

  4. I love Polyvore! Your shoe picks are perfect!

    p.s. I play that game too now and then, the pick one from each page game...haha


  5. Instant Netflix is totally addicting. Especially since Carlos and I don't have cable or internet at home. We do have internet at the office though, so he's always watching documentaries and I'm always trying to find movies from my childhood. I've got to say, finding "Maid to Order" was far too exciting for me the other day. haha

  6. Oh man, just stumbled across your blog and I am in looove! Following you now :)

    Polyvore is so addicting. So is blogging, and well, the Internet in general, actually :)

  7. seriously LOVE all your picks! adore the shoes, esp the oxfords. glad I found you on Chictopia, became a fan a while back :), and also now on your blog! am now following you lovely <3.

  8. I love the purple bag!! Proenza Schouler!! xx

  9. The ballet flats with the flowers! Oh! Need!

    Polyvore is a seriously dangerous thing. So many hours lost on that.


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