Oct 27, 2010

She made artificial flowers.

Today was the loveliest day of all days! The air was crisp, the sun was bright, and I spent the whole day with my two buddies.
We took birdie out for a walk and, of course, she got attacked (by people, not dogs) because she's just a sweetie-kins! Have I ever mentioned how much I am in love with her? Yes? Okay, just checking. :)

Here's my dog walking, coffee getting outfit. I wear these pants a lot. They are so comfortable. Dare I say, they are more comfortable than jeans and sweatpants combined? Well, maybe I won't be that daring, but they are berry comfy.

This morning we went to the theater to see "Easy A". It was cute. Nothing more, nothing less. I wish there were more good movies these days. We have to force ourselves to go to the movies because there's never anything we want to watch. Why, oh why, can't someone make Father of the Bride: Part 3...Megan and George graduate high school? As you can see, I have impeccable taste in entertainment. Only the best for me! As a testament to that, I recently did a google search to find out what the new Lifetime Christmas movies will be this year. :)

I made another Pioneer Woman dinner for us and now we need a treat! My parents are coming into town tomorrow! I am pumped.

Happy Wednesday. I really love you all.



  1. Haha! I love youre taste in movies! Youre honest at least! ;)

  2. Aren't slouchy pleated pants the comfiest things ever? Mine are made out of a silky acetate fabric, too, and have a big elastic waist, so they're extra comfy :D
    I love the variegated stripes, and red and grey is one of my favorite color combos. Very cute :)


  3. I saw Easy A last Saturday. You're right about it. The Christians made me laugh.

  4. I feel the same way about movies, nothing really worthy of going to the theater for! Hoping to find someone who isnt chicken to go see Paranormal Activity 2!

    ps. Love this outfit, it has a touch of nautical, you look great

  5. You're right, those pants look comfy enough to sleep in. Love the combo, as usual!

    PS. Father of the Bride 3 WOULD be amazing! Good choice


  6. i'm sure you can't get down the block woth Birdie being so darn cutsie ;))


  7. the pants look perfect on you- great color, fabric and shape!
    this styling is absolutely exceptional! i think i have to say it's my favorite outfit you've posted...


  8. I absolutely LOVE that top! Is it vintage? And that... jacket? Pendleton? I'd love to know! Thanks!

  9. The pants and the shoes are to die for ! I admire people, and especially you, who have the knack for finding awesome pieces which are trendy and yet that they manage to assimilate as part of a style of their own ! How inspirational :)

  10. Excellent top. I'm addicted to any clothing with stripes... and white+red - just excellent:) I envy you the weather!

  11. Oh i love your blog! Glad I found it :)

  12. You look just amazing in red.
    As always, I'm drooling over your trousers.


  13. I love your outfit! Where are your trousers from? I've been wanting to get a pair like that. They just look so comfy and casual... and I do agree with you, there don't seem to be any good movies playing these days.

  14. I love this outfit! It looks really comfortable! Where are the trousers from? They're perfect!

  15. LOVE LOVE LOVE this outfit!! The pants are so great, I'm really into high waisted pants lately and I love the pleats too.


  16. I have already discovered your blog and i liked it!!!!! You have a great style, this look is amazing!!!!!


  17. Gorgeous look. Love everything about it.xx


  18. Lovely outfit! I love the trousers :)

    check out our fashion illustrations at http://www.illustrated-moodboard.com/ :)

  19. The vibe of this outfit is amazing, so comfy but elegant.

  20. Great outfit. I especially love the shirt and it's comfiness it seems to offer. Striped shirts seem to come in only blues, pinks and greens. Rarely red.


  21. Gorgeous outfit! Where are the pants from? They're delicious!


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