Nov 14, 2010

Life Goes Easy On Me.

I am drunk (wasted!) on instant Netflix. So many cancelled television shows, so many straight to DVD movies! Tis the season to OD on poor quality entertainment!

Here are some photos of our daily family walk. It was beyond euphoric. I am embracing the 80 degree weather though I feel like a fool for watching my fireplace DVD. Some people are getting snow right now! I definitely didn't need my trench today, but when has that ever stopped me?

Gee, I really love this guy! He's in the only two brands that exist in his world right now, A.P.C. & J.Crew. He told me not to post pictures of him but again, when has that ever stopped me?

Vintage crochet blouse, Striped A.P.C. tank top (found it at Crossroads for 7.50), H&M speckled trousers (gift from Mom), J.Crew ankle socks (gift from Gabe), Farylrobin loafers via Gilt, Urban 1972 Floral Trench (gift from Urban 1972), Vintage bag.

If Birdie ever ran for President, this would be her campaign photo:

Gabe just told me this memory he had of us 6 years ago taking a walk and talking about someday getting two Boston Terriers together. We're half way there. :)
Have a great night and don't forget to snuggle with the ones you love and tell them how great they are.


  1. so cute! and I totally relate to the wonders of netflix... I have spent many an hour watching guilty pleasure shows/movies. Loves it!

  2. That crocheted blouse is lovely!

    & P.S. If Birdie ever ran for President, I'd vote for him (:

  3. oh dear. i've fallen in love with your blog. :) you're darling, your photos are darling, and your style is darling!

    following. <3
    xx elanor

  4. I was just looking for pictures on socks, and then here's your blog with cute socks galore! Love them! Cute outfit, cute dog, and cute boy!

  5. So adorable. I always look forward to your posts. Especially because it usually involves walking your pup, and you looking so cute doing it.

  6. I'm on the same netflix boat, most amazing thing ever. I dont think I ever want cable again, what a waste of money!

    so lucky cause were freezing in Vegas but it has warmed up a tiny bit from hell freezing over

  7. Love the pants and the loose sweater....and the perfect red socks.

  8. You are such a babe! Im always finding myself wanting to copy every single thing about all of your outfits! There is so much goodness in this outfit..I love every single peice, especially that floral trench! And so cute that you guys talked about it 6 years ago..half way there, thats amazing. Hope you have a great week girl! x

  9. youre too cute!!


  10. I really like this outfit. It's the perfect femininity/quirkiness I adore in a style

    hope to hear from you!
    love always

  11. P.S

    what kind of camera/processing do you use?
    i am in love with your pictures

    can you reply in a comment on my blog?
    sorry for the trouble

  12. Beautiful! And Birdie is such a babe.

  13. I love the colors of your photos :)

  14. HEY CUTE BLOG!!!! I LOVE YOUR STYLE!!! Will you check out mine? It's new and i'd love to have you as a follower!

    Hope to hear from you soon:

  15. hey my dear these photos are dreamy! cant believe its lovely and warm where u are its freezing here!! can i ask what are boston terriers like? my bf wants to get a dog and has never had one before..he wants a yorkshire terrier which are very cute but my friends have two and they are very yappy.. i think a boston terrier would maybe suit him..but would love the opinion of someone who has one! xo

  16. The loose-knit sweater is lovely. And I would totally vote for Birdie :)

  17. I love instant play on netflix. I've been in love with netflix for the six years I've been a member, but over the past near two years, instant play has rocked me!

    beautiful outfit! your boston terrier is so cute.

  18. I really love your personal style- it's vintagey yet eclectic, and to me, that makes your outfits really edgy and stylish. I think your blog is great fashion-food for some outfit inspiration! I also really enjoy your pictures because they are so warm and inviting. :)


  19. I recently found your blog and I absolutely love your style! Your family is adorable!!! The floral trench is so cute!

  20. Teehee, does this mean you are a RED SOX fan?
    your outfits, photos... always so ethereal and amazing!
    so much peace & love

  21. Even if you change the colour of your shoes...I love them!

  22. LOVE the campaign photo, love that little doggie, love the pop of color in your socks :)

  23. yoyr dog *-* i love him and your whole look, you always look amazing
    have a good weekend (:

  24. Okay I just stumbled upon your blog and I'm completely smitten!! Your gorgeous and this outfit is incredibly inspiring!!

  25. You guys melt my heart! What a sweet memory! Cuteness overload :) Love the touch of the raspberry socks!


  26. that trench is DARLING, i absolutely love it. and your dog is too cute for words, i want to squeeze her!

  27. Love the colours,
    you look amazing!

  28. I hear ya (on two levels).

    1. Netflix streaming is amazing. My husband and I have been wasting ourselves away on the PBS Sherlock Holmes series and other random oddities.

    2. I too wish I could bust out my raincoat, but sadly in the Carolinas it's still a high of 70 degrees.

    P.S. Your outfit is divine.


  29. Acabo de descubrir tu blog y ya te sigo,tienes unos looksmuy frescos. me encantan.

    Si puedes pásate por mi blog.

  30. I'm so glad I discovered your blog, it's lovely :) Your style is so unique and originial, very inspirational.

    ~Em K


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