Nov 27, 2010

Way up here.

Hello! Well, Thanksgiving was wonderful and now Christmas is just around the corner. What did we do with our lives before online shopping existed?! :)

It was too cold to wear a sheer blouse, sheer skirt, and thin tights today but oh well! This is what I wore to go "work shopping", "grocery shopping", and "coffee getting" (don't ask me about the quotes).

(Cat blouse- Zara, Skirt- Vintage, Tights- UO, Clutch- Gift from Mom)

In other news, my sweet, sweet husbee brought me beautiful flowers today.

In other, other news, I have begun Christmas decorations! Don't you just love my little vintage caroling angel? I wish I had her sweet wavy hair!

In other, other, other news, you may have noticed some new artwork around here! The sweet and adorable Kelli Murray designed this new artwork for me and I couldn't love it more! Look at sweet little Birdie over there with a freaking Peter Pan collar on. GIVE ME A BREAK WITH THE CUTENESS! :) Her talent is immense and we will be doing a giveaway of one of her prints soon! Yay!

Anyway, it just started raining and we're having a family singing session (trying to teach Birdie how to sing) so I must go.

Love to all!


  1. I love it. Then again, I love everything you wear! Lol! I'm glad to hear you had a great Thanksgiving and I'm so adoring the new graphics/layout! So sweet and cute. Kelly is an amazing illustrator; I love the ones she did of you and Birdie. They're perfect! I must check out her work :}

    Have fun caroling with the family! <3

    xoxo coco

  2. Amazing shirt, first off. I love the new artwork! Puppy + peter pan collar = world swallowing cuteness.

  3. I noticed the new artwork straight away, it's lovely! Birdie is looking so adorable.

  4. beautiful flowers! Also perfect look=)

  5. Oh wow! Do you have a french bulldog? How sweet. I'm completely distracted from the clothes now :)

  6. Lovely look and amazing pictures!!! ;)

  7. Fabulous outfit and I love your hair!

    Teenage Daydreams

  8. love the skirt!!!!!


  9. OMG, Birdie with a Peter Pen collar - it couldn't get any more better! :)
    I love the cat blouse! And the sheer skirt! Love it!

  10. Love your outfit ! Especially your yellow handbag, sooo cute ! xx

  11. Adorable Outfit!


  12. super cute layout, I love her!

    This outfit is great too, I love all the layers and patterns, but brrr it makes me cold to think of it!

  13. your pics and the colour in it is amazing!! your hair is superb, i had white-blonde hair once too and didnt even look half as good as you i fear ;) was too expensive to keep up properly and it ruined my scalp! you look absolutely adorable with that colour!

  14. Love the art. Love the outfit and sheerness of the skirt!

  15. Shirt and skirt are a dream! beautiful look!

  16. I absolutely love everything about this look-all the details are great! I'm glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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