Dec 10, 2010

You build me up so high, my darling.

Hello, everyone.
Friday, it is!

So, it actually makes my stomach hurt having only one person win Kelli's beautiful print but I used and the winner of the "Beloved" print is Kate of Nightlight Art. Please email me with your address, Kate! :)

Thanks so much to everyone for entering and I truly enjoyed reading all your comments and "meeting" some of you through your comments. I really wish I could meet everyone in person. And don't worry, we will have plenty more giveaways!

My mom bought me these riding pants from AA in San Diego. I've kind of always been obsessed with equestrian style even though my dad had a horse when I was a teenager but I was too selfish to even meet the horse, let alone appreciate it's beauty! It's funny how much things change. Now, I would never take having a horse at my house for granted.

We went out for Gabe's birthday dinner with my parents tonight and tomorrow is his birthday. They got him the New Balance for JCrew tennies he's been wanting and he ate a cheeseburger with a fried egg on it and a red velvet cupcake. He'll definitely be mad at me for telling you. :) Anyway, tomorrow he's the special boy and we'll do whatever fun things he wants to. He'll probably want to go find the "Beethoven" movie house in South Pasadena...he always wants to learn more about 90's movies. Oh, wait, oh dear, that's me!

(Riding Pants- American Apparel, Pink Cardigan- Vintage, Lavender blouse- Vintage, Socks-J.Crew, Loafers- Steven, Necklace- Gilt, Mini Bag- Vintage Enter to win it!)

15 days till a Happy Christmas! :)


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  2. Love your Blog and you are so Nice...

  3. me and my friends are always amazed by how cute you look every day!!!! <3


  4. Love your loafers, and that box bag is so cute x

  5. my tummy just jumped after reading your "15 days till..." eeeep!
    i enjoy the riding pants!!


  6. What an adorable outfit , oh I love it so much :) Especially the shoes and the leggings!

  7. Those pants really are lovely & a happy birthday to Gabe!

  8. wow, I really love the colors! and..everything!


  9. ultrafunny shoes! oh, i like them a lot >.<
    ps: only 14 days till christmas now! :D can't wait it, too. i hope it will snow on christmas!

  10. I just love this cardigan. Looks so warm and delicious, like I could eat it lol.

  11. Those pants are great! I wasn't sure when I saw them on the mannequin, but now seeing them in action on a real person and without piles of other AA stuff, they are actually quite smart. Thanks for the inspiration.....if only i can stop eating all of these holiday goodies and hot wine sold on the street and I'd look just as good in them!
    Happy holidays!

  12. Hello! I am a Spanish fan, a few months ago I started my own adventure and I found your blog. I love the look of your outfits because they are different. Congratulations also to the photographer because they do their job very well too.

  13. absolutely LOVE that cardi of yours.
    im sorry but i think that magazine might be old so i can't buy it..
    wanted to stop by and wish you a wonderful weekend.


  14. hi! this is a little weird because your friday is my saturday - i'm in the UK.
    i love your colour combinations... no, actually, i love your whole blog :)

  15. the trousers have such a great fit!i love them so much!
    you look so pretty and the best of all is that you look so happy!!make me smile every time!:)

  16. it's so much fun to have birhtday! especially if everyone is just for you!
    i love the color scheme of your outfit!

  17. love your blog!!
    do you want to follow each other?
    i would be happy if you visit me:


  18. what a gem of a mom to choose those terrific riding pants for you! they're awesome and you are such a pretty candy confection of a girl. hope todays b-day fests are super fun. ♥

  19. such a unique pants <3 I love the cardi as well ;)

  20. Love the riding pants! And paired with the pretty pastel colors, it's such a nice look. Cool accessories too so basically I just love the whole outfit! :)

    hearts and hugs,

  21. Aww, Happy Birthday to Gabe. I hope you two had a wonderful day today. And I love those riding pants. Although, I wonder if I'll be able to pull them off. Perhaps in black? Such a great outfit.

  22. when i see you, i always think: "My god ! She looks like Julia Roberts !"
    Love your style :D

  23. my dear can i just steal your wardrobe!? everything you wear im just like wow!! LOVE your cardy!! LOVE your jodphur pants and your shoes!! :) xo

  24. Those shoes, that color palette!!! <3

  25. I absolutely adore this outfit. Pink and purple are my fave. And your shoes, and your necklace... amazing.

    Kristine. Or Polly.

  26. Amazing!!love the shoes!!
    Also the pink shoes are so pretty!

  27. i love those pink loafers they are so cute


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