Feb 25, 2011

Up On Cloud Number Nine.

I think we all know I'm definitely more of a dog person. We had tons of cats growing up and not one of them was a snuggler (I guess that's not a word though it should be). Birdie would seriously snuggle with me on my lap ALL DAY LONG if she could.
Anyway, the point is that although I am not a "cat person", I am most definitely a "cat sweater person". I couldn't love this sweater any more. It's actually a dress but, gimme a break, I'm 5'9"! :)

This was a most fun day of thrift shopping, family times, and food.

Anyway, I'll admit this outfit is a bit much and it could have done without the cat sweater but it also would have been really rude to the cat sweater to edit it out. And that's that.

(Trench- c/o Urban 1972, Cat sweater- c/o Romwe, Dress- Darling, Hat & Bag- Vintage)

A few things about today:

1. I have been collecting outfits for our anniversary trip coming up in about a week! We still aren't sure what we're doing but I guess we should decide soon! I absolutely cannot wait! We will miss Birdie for sure (she's staying with my fam) but it will be fun to be just the two of us again for a bit! Is there anything more fun than planning outfits for a fun trip with your best friend?? And yes, that is a Bicycle print blouse!! I realize that every sentence in this paragraph has an exclamation point and I do apologize.

2. Birdie is the cutest girlie in the whole world (to me).

3. I put cream in my coffee this morning.

Love you guys! Happy Friday to you. Please treat yourself to something fun today. :)

As for me, I'm listening to some Bobby Darin Pandora and finishing up my work for the week.

Coury ♥


  1. hi lovely.
    such wonderful photos. i really like the cat sweater/dress it's so nice
    im definitely a cat person, i'm so scared of dogs.. i've had my cat for 4 years now and she's more a baby than a cat. animals can really give your life extra meaning, if i hadn't had my cat- i'd like to have a monkey-- but that's just a whole other story isn't it..
    wish you a wonderful weekend lovely


  2. this is like the cutest outfit i've recently seen! i totally fell in love with the cat although i'm not usually a fan of those. and i love your trench!


  3. You are so beautiful! That floral coat is absolutely perfect for you. I'm really bad at putting an exclamation Mark at the end if everything I write. I can't help it! Bicycle print blouse = awesome! Hope you have a lovely anniversary week whatever you decide to do :) x

  4. I saw this on romwe and fell in love. It looks so good on you! Im definately more of a dog person too, but I like a good cat sweater every once and a while. Love your bag and trench! You seriously have the best clothes. Happy Friday to you..have a wonderful weekend Coury!! x

  5. A bit much? It's perfect! Probably my favorite outfit you've worn in a while. And I'm not much of a cat fan. But I just love that sweater!

    Have fun on your anniversary.
    P.S. I love your stockings, where are they from?

  6. i seriously love your blog so much. :) just so you know.

    the cat sweater MAKES this outfit! you look absolutely darling.

    honestly, i'm more of a cat person, but every photo of birdie makes me want a doggie just like her!!


  7. want that cat sweater nooooooooooooow!!!!!!!


  8. I love this oh so much. Your pictures are always bright and fun. Your clothes are always very perfectly put-together. Birdie is seriously the cutest thing I've ever seen.


  9. this outfit is amazing and the cat sweater is a great touch (granted I'm biased towards cat sweaters). the coat and purse are my favorite elements

  10. I'm also 5'9 and I've always wished I were a little bit shorter so I could wear heels! I mean, I know I can but I just feel so uncomfortable in them :(

  11. that sweater just made my day :) it looks so cute on you too! but you make everything look cute ;)

    have fun packing for your anniversary trip! i always find myself overpacking...but it's better than underpacking, right?!

  12. I think that is my favorite so far! I don't know who else could pull off something like that and look so sublime! Your cat sweater make Hello Kitty look like a wannabe! - Thanks for that bit of sunshine!!

    xxx kisses ~ Annie


  13. Youre too much! I love that cat sweater <3


  14. I'm not a cat person either, but I love your sweater! the little heart mouth is especially cute. ^,^ have a lovely weekend!

  15. Loving the flower trench! :) Trip planning is so much fun and yes birdie is such a cutie!!! :D
    Happy weekend dear!


  16. also a dog person but looove that sweater. and coat. and stockings. and hat. sigh...

  17. I love your outfit, the jumper/dress is so sweet! I wish I was as tall as you hah, xxx

  18. your wardrobe looks to die for!

  19. Super cute sweater! I thought it was a character from My Neighbor Totoro at first. Happy anniversary!


  20. oh i just adore this outfit for so many reasons.
    exciting about your trip!! hope you go somewhere fabulous!!

    Charlotte xxx

  21. ahhhh my fellow tall girl who loves vintage... you come to mind whenever i find a dress that just might be too short.
    LOVE that you worked it out :o)


  22. Your outfit is so pretty! I love your coat and the way youve layered it up.
    Glad i found your blog im following :)


  23. coury that cat sweater is adorable. I want one now with a boston terrier. :) I have three of them. the best dogs EVER!

  24. animal sweaters are truly awesome, particularly when they are cat sweaters :)
    that dress is adorable!
    I just love ur style. I'm in the West Valley and I swear it seems like you live in another world rather than just downtown. I always look forward to your posts.

    do you do things like Swapaholics http://lasipandswap.eventbrite.com/? There is one in Hollywood tomorrow and I don't follow many LA bloggers and I was just curious if you shop at things like that.


  25. This is maybe the most beautiful outfit and post i ever seen ! .. Yes it is ! totally perfect ! Thumbs up ;) ♥

  26. Killer cat sweater! I'm in love!

  27. What a darling outfit, that cat knit is super cute on you. I like your collection of tops (the bicycle print blouse especially) and Birdie looks like such a sweetheart!

    much love.

  28. The cat sweater is too cute! So is the puppy! Anniversary trips are so much fun!! Have a great weekend!


  29. I'm a cat gal too, love the sweater... cat ladies unite!!!!

  30. Maybe it's the lipstick, but I think it pulls every part of the outfit together. Birdie's a babe as usual- & I love unplanned trips :)

  31. That cat sweater is amazing! You look adorable! I have a sweater with a laughing panda on it that is pink and purple but I can never quite bring myself to wear it because it is so ridiculous... maybe I will now!

  32. Birdie is the most gorgeous thing I've EVER seen!! And I'm a cat person!!
    I confess,I love your style,but I really visit to see Birdie!!! You're a bonus!!! But Birdie is the starshe needs her own blog!!!

  33. ohmygosh, so cute! I love it,

  34. I'm glad you did not edit out the cat. Your photos are so gorgeous- I love the warmth of afternoon sunlight in these. And exclamation marks are great! Live life to its fullest!


  35. I could really use a "cat sweater" now after seeing this adorable one! gosh I looove how it goes so well with that skirt :) ugh, you're such a style icon in my book!! (and I'm sure for everyone else!)




  36. That is the best sweater I've ever seen! I think my favorite part is that the cat is smiling. Happy Anniversary in advance! I'm planning my anni trip, but ours isn't til April. I'm already excited! I'm sure wherever you go-it's going to be amazing.

  37. Great sweater!! I love this outfit, and your blog.

    Stacey Kay
    “Runway Inspiration, Vintage Decoration”
    Free fashion and accessories; this week’s fashion blog giveaways
    My Vintage Handbag Line

  38. I am soooooooooooooooo glad to have found you, ahhhhhhhhhhh. What a way to begin a day...that magic outfit: the cat jumper, skit, flowery jacket...wowwwwwwwwwwwwww.
    Thank you so much for your inspiration.

  39. goodness I'm 5'9" too! we could do clothing swaps. ;) hehe.
    I'm not much of a cat person either, but I love your cat sweater too. This outfit looks beautiful on you. I love it.
    Your jacket is gorgeous.

  40. ever single one of your outfits is completely amazing! i always love seeing your posts pop up in my blog reader :) xxx

  41. I love the dress and the coat. I seem to be having floral fever in anticipation of Spring.

  42. That sweater is so cute! I'm a dog person but something inside of me wants a cat (to bad I'm allergic). Your dog is so cute!

  43. i seriously love this outfit. it is not too much. i want a bicycle pring shirt. you do everything good.

    lookbook things.

  44. Yep, when it comes to dresses I find being tall a bit of a sucker. Too many of them turn out to be crop tops instead. ;)

    You can't go wrong with kitten clothes :D I love all the detail, like those stripes and the heart shaped mouth. Looking great!

    Happy weekend :D

  45. Amazing cat sweater, I love the whole look. You have a great blog, such wonderful pictures too.

  46. I LOVE THIS SWEATER! I am such a cat lover, this is just too too cute. You look stunning as usual!



  47. awesome cat sweater i love the heart mouth lol


  48. the cat sweater is cute! and i always love the trench!


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  50. dear,the sweater is really beautiful on you,it's romwe here,hope we can do more for you:)


  51. wow! I loved this post. And seeing a peak into your wardrobe is just amazing. You have lovely clothes.
    See the lovely scalloped oval on the red side bar with your little dog in it, did you design it? it is so beautiful!


  52. I love the romwe dress! and the cat print blouse looks awesome. awesome, I tell you.

  53. Oh dear!
    It's a great swater


  54. zomg holy grail of cat sweaters too!! and i'm loving birdie. now here's a challenge: birdie in a cat sweater? my eyeballs my explode from the awesomeness.

  55. You always take such great photos and that outfit is so cute.


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