Nov 25, 2011

Horses Horses Horses Horses

Christmas greetings to all! We had another fabulous Thanksgiving and it is now officially Christmastime. My heart filled up this morning from reading how sweet and thankful all my friends (facebook, twitter, blogs, etc) are. I think people are realizing more and more that it's the simple things that will give us the most satisfaction in life. I, of course, am beyond thankful and I can't even comprehend the life I've been given. I am in awe of the family I have been trusted with. I am feeling very blessed and I have actually been stress free relaxing for the last couple of days. We spent the last two nights at my parents beautiful, cozy, home and it has been magical all around.

It's now the time for spending every free second listening to Christmas tunes (Michael Buble current favorite album), watching horrificly bad TV Christmas movies (no offense to anyone who works on dreams would come true if I could :), and living in a state of Christmas Wonderland (whatever that means).

I set my alarm for 5am to try to snap these up for an extra 50% off this morning but they were already gone at 5:01. Imagine that! I did get a dress for an upcoming Christmas party I will be hosting (that I haven't told anyone about yet..haha)

In any case, here's my outfit. We had a really pretty, sunny, warm Thanksgiving Day. I couldn't love this horse sweater any more. Anytime I even think of the word horse I think of the scene in "Sleepless in Seattle" in which Meg Ryan is driving and singing "Horse, horses, horses!" in a semi-violent way. I like it. I did change clothes midday but if you don't change clothes midday on a holiday, when can you?

Sweater: c/o Romwe
Dress: Anthro
Shoes: Asos
Hat, bag: Vintage
Sequined Heart:

Enjoy the Holiday weekend and don't forget that everything in the store is 30% off till Sunday at midnight with the code GIVETHANKS. :)




  1. LOVE that SWEATER!!!
    I didn't brave the Anthro sales.
    our Anthro doesn't have much to offer anyway so i stayed in my nice warm bed instead :)
    Have a great day listening to Christmas tunes!!

  2. Your horse sweater is such a dream! <3 I love the bright colour too! And your hat goes oh-so perfectly!

    Lost in the Haze

  3. that sweater is so funny i love it:p
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  4. awww so beautiful! i love the colors.

  5. what an amazing horse sweater! and i love how you matched it with a lavender skirt!

  6. Sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving! I SO love that sweater!

  7. Love your sweater! So cute :) Although, my favorite part of your outfit has got to be your bracelets.

    xx maggie

  8. Very lovely outfit, love the length of the skirt...and the colour! Lovely pots, you're a beautiful, positive person

  9. I think everything would look good on you!
    Love the color-combination.

  10. Love the cut of that dress! HAPPY WEEKEND! XO Rebecca

  11. I love how u match such bold colours together and look so absolutely amazing! The horse sweater is tooo cute! Have a great weekend ahead!

    Fang Ting

  12. I love that sweater with the horse print, looks so childish and fun and the color of that skirt is killing me! :D Love it ;)

  13. Coury,
    You are stunning!
    Love the outfit and the sweater is bannnaannnaass!
    Love the way the pics look!

  14. I love your cute horse sweater!!


  15. Happy Thanksgiving! That horse print is so cute.

  16. What an adorable sweater! SO cute when clothes have animals on them :)
    xo Jac

  17. I love this sweater - so I just bought it! Inspiring, as always! ;)

    <3 The Daily Dani

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  19. great sweater!!!! I adore burnt orange!! the colors you pair together are so eccentric and beautiful :)

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    i'm a new style blogger.


  20. Love the fit of this sweater. It looks so comfy :D And the hat adds a wonderful bit of charm.

  21. lovely sweater :)

  22. Love the sweater, reminds me of one I used to have with an eagle on it. How crazy about the shoes! In other news, there's this scene in You've Got Mail--when Meg's at the fancy party with caviar--and you see her mouthing "Fox Fox Fox"...I dunno, reminds me of horses, horses...My college roommate and I always cracked up at that part.

  23. Lovely:)


  24. beautifull..

    with love:

  25. so cute and gorgeous!!
    love the sweater with the long skirt!! <3


  26. that sweater is amazing! and i've got the buble christmas album on repeat as well :) xx

  27. Your jumper is just great!
    ahah i know so much what it is, when I am in a fight on Ebay and that I have to put my alarm because the thing got a huge jet lag. I rarely got it but at least i'm happy to go back to bed :)

  28. aw love the dress under the cute sweatah!

  29. awww!

    the horse sweater is pure awesomeness!


    <3 Vega --

  30. There really are far too many cheesy Christmas films in need of just being destroyed hahaha. I am happy for the really beautiful ones though that overpower them. Your outfit is sooooo nice!!


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