Nov 2, 2011

Miles of green beneath a sky of blue.

Ok, how cute is my little lady Birdie. Haha! Someone give me a baby to dress already. Hahaha!

I learned that fall in Nashville is just like winter in LA. You have to dress in lots of layers because it's 30 degrees in the morning and 70 in the afternoon. I like it...variety! Apparently October is the driest month of the year. Oh soon as the rain gets to me I am heading straight for Palm Springs. I wonder how long I'll make it before I go crazy. My bet is on February. I'll let you know. :)

I love this coat to pieces. It's the absolute perfect vintage coat. I feel like I'm on "Boardwalk Empire" in this outfit (in a strange non-literal way of course). Speaking of Boardwalk Empire, I wish it was more of a fun show and it wasn't so disturbing (to me). I do love the sets and costumes. They should make a version with no conflict in which the characters just hang out and shop and eat and fall in love and are all sweet and nice. Mm Hmm. A girl can dream.

Coat: Vintage for sale HERE
Dress: Anthro
Bag & Shoes: c/o Francesca's

Here are my latest instagrams for those of you don't partake. :)

Have a great Wednesday!

XO Coury



  1. The fishtail hem of the dress is lovely. And the cossack looks darling on you!

  2. pastels... maroon socks... furry hat... what is not to love about this outfit? i really dig your style! pastels are so big this fall, but this is definitely an example of the trend done right. xx

  3. great pics! i love this outfit, so gorgeous.

  4. great pics! love those olors together!!

  5. So pretty!
    Your house is s cute! My hubby and I have a similar bed, except it's green.

  6. aww the lightblue (lilac?) dress is incredible. love the cut
    & your fringed bag!
    xx the cookies
    share the feeling
    follow if you love to dear

  7. I loooooove this time of year in TN. I also love your coat...and bag! Hope you enjoy what's left of Fall. Winter is no fun :(

  8. Aw Birdie is so sweet! Makes me miss my Boston so much.

  9. woo! I love the look of that purse in motion with all the swingy tassels. just magical! and that coat is beautiful color, I've been eyeing pistachio coats all over the place:)

  10. I love the color combination of your outfit... SO pretty!


  11. adorable outfit! i love the fringe purse.
    and your instagrams are so dreamy....Birdie is the CUUUUTEST! she is doing something incredibly cute in all your photos haha

  12. Pretty gorgeous look! I love your accessories :>

    xx indie by heart

  13. Your daily "normal" is what I'd like all my days to look like...falling leaves, gorgeous scenery, doggie by my side, and above all super duper stylish! You live like most girls daydream standout and idyllic...picture perfect! Especially with that fringe purse, I'm in heaven!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

  14. Beautiful! And your pup is so adorable!
    I was wondering, if you might have any high waisted trousers in your shop at the moment? Or if you plan on listing some? I'm looking to add a pair to my wardrobe :)

  15. That is such a pretty color on you!! Love it! XO Rebecca

  16. I loove the silhouette, it is very interesting and this soft color suits you great!!:D One of my favorite outfits of yours :D:X

  17. you have the prettiest backdrop for all your lovely photos.
    That coat is quite amazing!!
    I love the color :)

  18. Really great pieces! Wish I can pull off vintage clothing like you. You're little Birdie is adorable!

    And funny how the weather sounds almost like San Francisco!


  19. i suspect birdie, looking out the window, in the living room, with the dress on. did you ever play the game clue as a child?

  20. I love your vintage coat. Me too,I think it is absolutely perfect!! I'll look for such nice one and hope I can wear it fashionably like you.

    Sorry my poor English.
    Have a nice day!

    Love from japan

  21. that coat is a beauty! how can u part with it?! :)


  22. i absolutely adore this look! in love with that dress and those shoes over here!

  23. nice outfit and pics ! just found this blog and i have to say you have such a great blog ! now following :D

    have a nice day !
    The Endless Wishlist

  24. Lovelovelove your dress!! Also, those instagram photos are such good quality, mine aren't anywhere near as good :D


  25. Your BT is so cute!! I love her! You should feature some cute clothes for her. I have the hardest time keeping her warm and fashionable in the winter.... She's so cold all the time!

    xoxo Jessica @

  26. yay i spot pyrex!
    that coat is ridiculously gorgeous.
    and i believe you'll have the cutest dressed kids ever.

  27. The long coat and dress look so good on you. Love how you layer the green over the purple.

    Fang Ting

  28. Everything about this look is unexpected and I like it.

  29. I love Boardwalk Empire! I like the "disturbing" or dramatic element of keeps it true to the era :) xox

    follow me!

  30. I love your bursts of spring color in a fall-y outfit! Amazing. :)


  31. That dress is stunning on you! You have a gift for creating exciting outfits :)

    Aya ♥ Strawberry Koi

  32. colour of that coat is sooo gorgeous! I love adore it`s fur colar too!

  33. Gorgeous outfit! I love he dress, the hat, the shoes .... stunning!


  34. GORGEOUS, darling! I love the coat and the dress is so fun!

    Have a great weekend, doll!

  35. I want one of these hats but Im not sure how they look with short cropped hair? Bit like a bad hair piece?

    Your dog is adorable xx

  36. omg birdie is so adorable in her little fur. and i'm really into that iphone case! i just got a gold and white polka dot kate spade one that i thought was the best until i saw yours. :) i love reading your blog and seeing my little sponsor space - thank you!:)

  37. Gorgeous photos of your dog! You both look lovely in your furs x

  38. Loving your Instagram posts ♥


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