Dec 22, 2011

So here it is, Merry Christmas.

This is what I wore to spend an afternoon with my family in Franklin. It's about 20 miles out of Nashville and just a really sweet little town. There are many darling houses built in the 1800's and a picturesque "main" street with lots of fun shops. My favorite shop is Lulu. So fun. We got a sandwich from my other favorite place, Mercantile, and cupcakes from Ivey cake. All ridiculously good and fun. Not much I can say fun fun fun fun fun fun fun.

I was beyond excited to receive this lovely dress from Betsey Johnson (there's the website in case you aren't familiar with Betsey and I decided to bring back the whole "wearing a turtleneck under all my dresses" deal. I also did a repeat performance of my "wearing three thick pairs of tights" deal. :)


Dress: c/o Betsey Johnson
Shoes: Asos
Bag: Vintage
Coat: Anthro
Roll neck: jCrew

PS: I added a bunch of my own shoes, bags, etc to the STORE in the "shop my closet" section.

XO, Coury



  1. That dress is magical! I love the dark colors with the flora's so chic. You look so cute dancing around in the photos too! Too cute :)

  2. Absolutely stunning - as always Coury!! Love, love the Betsey Johnson dress, and the way that you've styled it is so gorgeous... the black really allows the dress to take center stage + it makes so cozy & wintery too. Love this!! Happy Holidays! xo veronika

  3. The funnel neck paired with the lovely dress is such a beautiful look. x

  4. you are so beautiful, adore this outfit too

  5. Beautiful look, and your hair is done so nicely. ^^

    xx Satu
    Indie by Heart

  6. lovely outfit :)

  7. This outfit is another reason why you're my favorite blogger! So sweet:)

  8. i love this betsy johnson print....just saw a different variation over at steffys pros and cons....can't wait to check out your 'shop my closet' daughter keeps asking me to wear the long royal blue dress i bought from you.....she's clearly a fan.
    merry christmas!

  9. Gorgeous dress, I absolutely love how you've worn it. Beautiful shoes too!

  10. I am seeing this dress everywhere! Well, at least the print! Forget writing a letter to Santa I need to start writing my letters to Betsey! =D Wonderful post!

    Love & Lollies... Jessa

    Confessions of the Cupcake Countessa

  11. Love this dress! You styled it really pretty!

    Ash :o)

  12. fabulous as always! definitely loving that dress.

  13. LOVE all the berry goodness...these colors are right up my alley for Christmas...a little sweet, a little saucy, supercute look C!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog: Win a FREE pair of shoes!

  14. Oh! This dress is so adorable, and I love the way you styled it :) My fun times also include eating at a my favorite places :)
    xo Jac

  15. The print and shape of this dress is awesome!! I love the pictures :)


  16. adore this outfit...bring that turtleneck back! xx

  17. I adore the dress!! Fabulous print and the photos are so fun! :D

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  19. I have this dress :) love how you styled it... it's nice to be able to see new ways to style something, especially when you work somewhere (Betsey J is where I do) and have to wear the clothes! I need to stop buying new things from there every week :)!!!


  20. this is so pretty! what a lucky gal to receive a Betsey Johnson dress!
    and i'll always have a special place in my heart for Franklin - it's where i got engaged 2 years ago ;)

  21. Love the dress. Rock that turtleneck, girl ;)

  22. merry fun fun coury! you did betsey proud, seriously, in her spirit, & style.

  23. look amazing! it's certainly one of my favorite outfits... but I certainly get you on this one.
    I'm not plus sized either, nor overweight but I'm also not stick thin, and no matter what I do I never will... so yes in fashion the staples start from thin and the rest derives from it.

  24. You look gorgeous! I love the way you do your hair :)


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