Mar 27, 2012

Full Bloom.

Hi guys. I'm back. I hate not blogging regularly. But, I'm back. Not sure what happened on the last post and why it didn't allow comments but hopefully you'll be able to comment on this one.

You know all those "bloom" terms...I know they refer to more than just spring blossoms but I'm starting to think of them in my head every time I see a beautiful tree in bloom. You know...full bloom....late bloomer...etc....what a beautiful walk!

I was sick in bed this weekend so that was no fun but my sister brought me a smoothie and we had breakfast and watched "On The Town" and then when she left I watched it two more times...oh my gosh...I'm really bad at resting. I don't like it. My mom and dad came over as well and helped Gabe in the yard. It made my heart happy to see everyone in my yard even if I was only watching from upstairs. So much good in life. SO MUCH.

Dress: Romwe
Shoes: Le Bunny Bleu
Bag: Fancy Treehouse

XO, Coury

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  1. that dress is amazing on you and I am in love with these photos! Hope you are feeling better!


  2. It sure looks really pretty for a knockoff:)

  3. Nashville really suits you C! Your positive energy is seriously infectious and gets my mornings started off so right :D You look like a blooming beauty in that dress! Love the sheer deets...casual and just a bit sexy! Enjoy an awesome week doll!

    Peace. Love. LOL!


  4. That is the prettiest dress ever. Such a great shade of blue on you!

  5. Super cool dress!

  6. i love your dress, and these photos with all the lovely flowers and your pup! happy spring!



  7. Really adore the dress... wouldn't have known it was a knock off if you hadn't said... it has such a vintage vibe, but the cut of the bottom was throwing me for something vintage. There is NO way I could spend $2400 for a dress... even if I had unlimited money... too in love with thrifting.

  8. Wohoo! So glad your back Coury! We have been missing your outfits 3-4 times a week! Love this one :) I miss your use of colours in skirts and blouse outfits though, but your dresses are still amazing! And the scenery is so spring-ish!

  9. gorgeous outfit! i feel the same way about the dress but oh well. you already have it so make the most of it! glad that you're feeling better!:]

  10. Stunning dress- would never have realized it was a knock off- and the ribbon I. Your hair absolutely makes the outfit. Plus, your dog coordinates with it, haha, what more could you want? Xxx

  11. amazing mesh floral mix!


  12. 2400$ on a dress is really insane! But this one you are wearing is gorgeous!! I simply adore the print :D

  13. I prefer your dress, love the colours and glad your feeling better and back to regular blogging! Just started following you on insta, your photos are so fun! Chiara x

  14. That dress is beautiful. But yes, I would never want to spend that much money on a dress. So good on you for finding a look alike. I love the bright colors of the flowers on the street.

  15. Lovely, lovely dress! So unusual but so so pretty!

  16. ha-ha! about the muddy dog. hope you're feeling better coury. i figured you disabled the comments because you just wanted to show us, without our opinion influencing you. you look lovely & so does that "blooming" tree! :)

  17. glad you are feeling better. being sick is no fun. my family has been sick for two weeks....except for the hubby, no one has been spared. love the dress. love the spring blooms. had a chance to spend last week in NYC and i was loving the unseasonably warm weather and the beautiful flowers. my favorite time of year and not quite the same here in hong kong.

  18. Oh, I just hate being sick! I hope you get better :(

    I love the dress! Very pretty, even if it is a knockoff. But $2400... WOW

    xx maggie

  19. that dress is really unique, I can see why ;)

    feel better soon <3


  20. beautiful photo shoot, love the colors!

    much love,
    Hybrid Hunter

  21. Your dress is stunning. Glad you feel better!

  22. Love that dress!
    Xx, Sheryl

  23. amazing outfit and beautiful place

  24. Hi Coury! I love those trees! And I love that dress on you. So perfect!

  25. Love this time of year, so pretty outside...
    Lovely as always

  26. Hi! Lovely summer post! Just read about your Q&A. I have some questions to add:

    -How old are you?
    -Do you ever feel uninspired some days and just feel like lounging around in trackies, or do you literally get dressed up every day?
    -What would you say is the hardest part about being a blogger?
    - How much time do you spend on the computer each day doing your work?
    - How do you get your instagram pictures so big?
    - Who are your favourite music artists?
    - Whats your favourite food?
    - Aside from the USA, what country would you most like to visit?

    I have soo many more but don't want to post too many (think I already have haha). I was recommended to your blog by a friend of mine and i've just been on your blog for ages and would love to know some more stuff about you :) xx

  27. Hi there, whats the apps u use on your iphone to edit those instalife photos? they are all amazing!

  28. I love love love SO much your outlook on life and how you just sound so happy in every post no matter what, it makes me smile and happy and be very optimistic and positive and thankful about life. You are such an insipiration and a really really great blogger <3 <3


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