Mar 13, 2012

There's a road, long and winding.

Hey sweet peoples. Well, I guess one of the things that warm Spring weather calls for in 2012 is a hi-lo dress. Yep. This one is especially floaty. We were off on a nature walk so I decided to play it safe with loafers. Good move, me.

Have I already gushed about the warm March we're having. Of course I have. Right now I need to gush about the feeling of getting fresh contact lenses. I have been putting off going to the eye doctor for MONTHS and I finally went and I can SEE! The best. I guess if you're reading this, you can see too. Isn't that wonderful?? Seriously.

On a challenging note, it is proving difficult to plan our trip to New Orleans unless we take Birdie...anyone ever taken their dog on a trip like that? What do you think?

Anyway, we love Spring. And PINK. PINK. PINK.

Dress: Love
Flats: Asos
Bag: Call it Spring
Blazer: Shop Akira
Pin: A.P.C

Ok, admittedly not the best picture of Birdie. She does look a little bloated in the neck. Hahahaha. She's not in real life. She's my little ballerina.

Thanks for all your anniversary wishes. We had a happy day. ♥

Enjoy all this warm weather we're all getting this week. I'm going to be outside every minute I can for the next week. We're getting some 80degree days. Won't someone pinch me, please! (Any Annie fans out there??)

XO Coury

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  1. Ohh, that print is beautiful! <3 and I love the blush colour - it always goes so perfectly with your blonde hair!

    Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

  2. gorgeous dress & love the pop of mint on your shoes. great outfit!xxx

  3. love this dress... it's so darling! and love the minty shoes with it, too!


  4. really pretty! love the dress, the shoes, even your make up is perfect!


  5. Such a perfect spring dress. Love the baby pink color. It's so sweet and pretty.

  6. This shade of pink is so stunning on you, and the cut of that dress is amazing! I just popped in some new contacts this morning too and gotta agree...seeing is pretty amazing. :)

  7. that dress is wonderful, love how you styled it

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  9. love that dress :)

  10. OMG I put off the eye doctor forever too, I finally went last week & going to pick up my contacts today! hahaa..
    You look so pretty--that dress is amazing!

  11. i love you and PINK PINK PINK:))

  12. such a perfect dress for Spring. and it's floaty too!

  13. i look at your blog all the time and i just have to say i love it! You capture Whimsical like no other! so pretty!
    i aslo have to tell you that in high school, plus one was my favorite band! ;)

  14. Hey Coury! Love the dress, hi-lo hems are making their way into my closet, fast!

    About Birdie - we recently got 2 dachsund pups, and although we haven't had to leave them anywhere for a trip yet, we're going to have to do something with them for a vacation over the summer. I just hate the idea of putting them in a kennel where they'd be cooped up all day, so I was researching some other options and I found some really great free-range daycare type places.

    Basically, if your dog is friendly with other dogs, they let all the boarded dogs run and play outside all day, usually grouped by size. They are only kenneled at night to sleep, and most let you bring in your own bedding, blankets, and food so your dog is comfortable. I don't know what needs you have, but that might be an option for your trip, if you can find a friendly doggy daycare! Especially if it's a trip where she would have to be kept in a hotel or crated a lot of the time anyway, I know my little dogs get crazy when they can't be outside playing!

    Anyway, good luck sorting it out, and whether she ends up coming with or not I'm sure the trip will be a blast.

  15. wow what a perfect spring dress! just like a sakura tree! love the cute little print so much:)

  16. What a darling dress! I love it paired with the loafers.

    I'd love it if you visited my new vintage shop AnaCloudVintage


  17. doll you look awesome

    New outfit post - Love me pastel love me sweet

  18. That dress, wow! I'm pretty sure I'd feel like a princess in that with all it's floatyness (:

  19. lovely dress!


  20. i love this dress soooo much. you're so pretty!!

  21. Hello I just awarded you with the Kreativ Blogger Award. You are truly inspiring and a role model for those who are starting out. I promise it's not a scam or anything of those sorts. Visit my blog for the details! (:

  22. WOW O WOW! I LOVEEEE this dress! love the splash of color with your flats! Birdie is the cutest!


  23. OMG!
    Loving the hi-lo dress :) I definitely want to get me a pair now!

  24. I really like the 'shape' of the dress, it's very pretty!

  25. if you can't leave birdie with family, and you decide to bring her, here are a few suggestions...

    - choose a hotel with a bathroom and fan. we leave the dog in the bathroom when we go out for dinner, with the fan and television on. (you think that's obvious, but it means no rooms with shared bathrooms like the ace pdx!)

    - is she most comfortable in her crate? if so, bring it and keep her in there when you go out.

    - we also sometimes leave the dog in the car and drive to a restaurant, museum, etc. because he loves hanging out in the car and he feels comfortable in there.

    - take her for walks around the hotel twice a day to tucker her out (if that's possible).

    - it's fun to get a break, but bringing the dog is fun too :-)

  26. Your dress is just stunning and the shoes compliments it so well. True definition of comfort and chic!

  27. What a sweet dress! And I just love your blush :)Enjoy the lovely weather!
    xo Jac

  28. Your dress is just so amazing! I am checking it out now!

    Ash :o)

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  30. I'm a sucker for a Beatles inspired post title. Love that bold pop of pastel blue!

  31. holy moly. that dress is AWESOME


  32. I just discovered your blog and I think I'm in love! It's the epitome of perfection and your style is impeccable! xxx

  33. Wow, these pictures (and that outfit) are so awesome! Inspirational, for sure.

  34. Love that dress!
    Whatever you do, do not have Birdie put in a crate in the baggage area in the under area of the plane. There's been a rash of doggy deaths because it's so cold down there and the air pressure is off. If she goes on the plane, you have to put her in a carrier and have her on your lap. Then she's fine :)

  35. That is a really gorgeous dress! It's perfect for spring :)

    xo Jennifer


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