Apr 3, 2012

Palm Trees.

Hi guys. Easter is such an exciting time for me. I have so many fond memories of the weather turning warm and getting a whole week off school for "Easter Break" which now would never be called "Easter Break". We always went on a family trip, usually to Universal Studios and Disneyland because my parents were selfless and that's where us kids wanted to go. My parents didn't disappoint me ever and I am well aware of how lucky I am. They are just truly selfless. It's actually crazy how much they put us above themselves.

Anyway, my Easter memories are amazing. Of course I had a ball picking out an Easter Outfit every year. I still do this, actually. My mom would put together the most special, fun Easter baskets for us. My favorite one was a pink and purple tennis racket with the goodies on the head wrapped in pastel cellophane. Mom, you are the greatest.

Well, Easter is next Sunday and we might make my mom happy by all going to the same church. :) I didn't even realize that I am wearing Palm Trees on my blouse on Palm Sunday. How bout that...

It's a beautiful very warm April 1st and I couldn't be happier to spend time with the people (and dogs) I love most. ♥

Blouse, Skirt, Nugget Ring: Romwe
Shoes & Backpack: Asos

Oh yeah, I wanted to encourage you to encourage someone today. Someone commented on my last blog and said that she missed me posting outfits 3-4 times a week. I didn't even realize I wasn't posting as much but just hearing someone say that they cared really inspired me. Not only did she inspire me to post more, she inspired me to tell someone else that I appreciate what they do! So, if you enjoy something someone is doing, let them know! I'm sure it will come back to you and then we'll have a great big circle of love and admiration and everyone will be more confident and less competitive.

Growing up is freeing.

XO, Coury

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  1. Lovely blog and lovely posts! When you get a chance, please check out mine! I'm hosting a fabulous scarf and purse giveaway!


    the personal style and fashion musings of a LA Asian fashion lawyer living life in the fab lan

  2. I love the rooftop backdrops, all the colors and shapes and trees are so lovely with your outfit blended in <3



  3. amazing combination yellow and mint!

    Polly with love)

  4. wowie wow! i love the colours. especially the yellow :)


  5. I think you're the greatest. You're an immensely encouraging and loving sister. Thanks for being my best friend in the world!

  6. Such a joy to read your posts! You're a beautiful spirit. So I ordered three Fancytreehouse dresses last week, they came this past Friday and I plan on wear one on Easter. I can't wait.

  7. I love your hair style! :) very Cute! Where did you take these photos? Are you on a roof somewhere downtown? Just curious - if you are indeed downtown, I would love to know what you do there because I love going into the city, but it seems like most Nashville locals don't spend a lot of time there, so I never hear of good places to go.

    Have a great week! -mk

  8. lovely backpack. i've been looking for a nice one for ages. definitely going to check out asos now! x

  9. That's true it's imoportant to encourage people and to tell them how wonderful they are, often people don't even realise it, you look wonderful again & I love your blog, keep up dear.


  10. I agree, it's always nice to tell someone they appreciate their work and it's always nice to know your appreciate :) I'm also so glad you've gone back to posting regularly and you never disappoint! I love knowing that we will most times get to see your style 3+ times a week. It's very inspiring.

    Great outfit again btw, you always style your skirts so well! I love that one day you could be in yellows/pastels and the next in bright reds/blues! You use your colours so well.


  11. This outfit totally sings of spring! The daisy pattern on your top is darling.


  12. I think you're the sweetest blogger ever and I love the pastel green in this outfit :) happy Easter!!

  13. Oh, this outfit is so beautiful! The frills & flowing in the breeze girly feel made me smile!

  14. this maybe my new favorite outfit!!!


  15. These photos are gorgeous, and the colours are so vibrant! A really cute outfit too! Have a lovely Easter xo

  16. i love your minty backpack! so happy that someone inspired you :) i used to love your 3 day a week posts!!


  17. beautiful pleats!


  18. You look gorgeous!, Beautiful pictures...
    Thank you for leaving a comment.

    Big hugs!


  19. Such a darling outfit. Your jewelry also rocks.
    And you are inspirational as always. You are the best.

    AnaCloud Vintage

  20. you DO love palm trees! and they love YOU.

  21. Coury,
    I just wanted to encourage you and let you know that between all the blogs i read, yours and miss James over at bleubirdvintage are my top favorites!! I look forward everyday to check to see if you have updated!! I feel like I get to look in on a real life Disney movie everytime you update, THANK YOU!! Your color combos and outfits are always fresh and such a lovely treat!! Thank you for your dedication to your blog, to your own personal style, and most of all your possitive and uplifting attitude! It is a bright spot in the blog world!! again all my thanks and admiration, Rachel.

  22. Hi Coury!

    Of course we love the outfit posts! They are to die for. The way that you put together outfits is completely delightful and daring! Your posts have inspired me to wear my dresses more often and to break out my bright colors!

    p.s. I'm so excited to learn that you're a Christian.

  23. I love the colors that you put together. Your outfits are always so inspiring.
    Happy Easter!

  24. Such a lovely outfit! The palm trees with the pastel is so unexpected but it works so well. That is so sweet to hear about you going to church with your mom she will love that. I love how you have such a positive attitude about blogging we should all encourage each other and be less competitive I love that!



  25. Coury, it's time I told you how much I appreciate your blog!

    I first learned of you through Stye Like U, but I didn't clue into your blog until a bit later. I love your creative fashion sense and how much you continuously express appreciation for the good things in your life.

    Here's a wonderful quote on the topic that I have posted above my desk: "Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well." - Voltaire

    So, thanks for inspiring me to be more creative in what I wear every day and to appreciate all the fantastic things in my own life. Let's keep it coming!


  26. Love the prints and the colours of your outfit! I just love reading your blog, your outfits and kind words are such inspirations to me!

    Fang Ting

  27. Coury, i've been visitng your blog for about two years and I, like the other commenters here check it every day hoping you have updated. It's nice knowing that we get at least 3 outfits from you AND instagrams on top of that. I loved it when you put instagrams at the bottom of an outfit post rather than it's own post - it was like a double lot of inspiration!

    You always write the sweetest things and i'm glad everyone is telling you how great your blog is, and how happy they are that you post a lot. That is what made fancy treehouse my favourite blog!

  28. I loove the outfit, the top is really cute and the skirt is amazing!:D Love that color;)

  29. You are so beautiful and have such a beautiful life. Your family reminds me alot of mine.
    You are very inspiring...in so many ways!
    You were the first fashion blog I ever started reading and following...you gave me the courage to start blogging about the different crazy beautiful life I have.

  30. your skirt is so pretty!


  31. i loveee ur skirt :)


  32. Oh my word, that is such a lovely outfit. I am swooning over every piece.

  33. Love it all girl! Go!

  34. such a great outfit, the pleated skirt is precious


  35. ultra girly lovely easter spring sunshine, fun outfit! in other words, coury, I LOVE IT. :) how about making a special easter basket for each of your parents, as an homage & thank you? just slap me upside the head for the suggestion.

  36. aw i love that your comments mean so much to you, i always worry that people never even read mine! love the ruffle top its so pretty :) xx

  37. Oh Coury, I love every outfit you have ever posted.

  38. Oh Coury, I love every outfit you have ever posted.

  39. This is such a fun outfit- ladylike made modern by the color.

    I loved Easter as a holiday as a kid too!

  40. You are more beautiful than an angel.

  41. This is one of my favorite outfits you've ever posted. I LOVE the mint accents with the black/white and yellow. But my favorite part is that it was palm trees on palm sunday and you didn't realize it. That is just hilarious! If I had worn that to my church, I would have been the talk of the whole congregation!

  42. i love your outlook on life :) your blog is lovely for not only the outfits but your personality that shines thru

    so positive, and it is so true if only we could admire/inspire one another, there would be so much more confidence and less competition!

  43. Lovin your style. classy, elegant, stunning!! and the photography is simply beautiful x

    Rebecca @ the cinnamon slipper



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