May 14, 2012

Rings & Things & Buttons & Bows

Hey guys! Happy Monday to you! How was your weekend? What did you do? C'mon, it's share time!

We had rain literally all weekend long. I don't think it ever stopped. This was bunches of fun, actually. It was still kinda warm and we did some fun shopping and eating and such. We looked at Pottery Barn Kids for the first time since being preg. So much fun..BUT..why is the boy stuff so ugly (to me)? Why is it so hard to find cute (to me) boy things? Just because you have a boy doesn't mean everything has to be bright and royal blue. Plus, I'm very particular so that doesn't help. Anyway, obviously if we have a girl there are way too many cute things and maybe that's good to have a challenge in finding what you like if we have a lil guy. We also have a perfect (to me) girl name that has been set in stone for years and NO boy names. Boy names are really hard. BUT, as I said, I do like a challenge. So, we'll see. Pointless paragraph all around but this is what I think about all day these days....way too excited....thank goodness my anxiety about the first trimester has died down and I can let some excitement in.

I am feeling better, yes, but not myself yet. I thought the second trimester was supposed to be magical. :) I've been getting dizzy if I stand up too much and still nauseous at times. I'm also wondering when I'll have an appetite. I thought you were supposed to eat a whole pie at midnight if you're pregnant?? Oh well, not like I would do that even if I wanted to...but it will be fun to splurge a little once I get my appetite back.

Anyway, here's today's outfit. I'm trying to write this blog and Birdie is whining at my feet to play fetch. If she wasn't so cute I would ignore her. But she is. Well, this dress. It's just that it ties with two bows at the waist. I mean, come on. Me written all over it! :)

Dress: Fancy Treehouse
Sandals: Rachel Comey
Bag: Call it Spring
Hat: Asos
Rings: Jewelmint, Sea of Bees

Have a great week everyone. I hope it goes fast and that every week from now until November goes really really really really fast because I want to see my baby. Sometimes patience is not my strong suit.

Oh yeah, today you can also see my little feature with GUESS and Refinery 29 HERE.

Screen Shot 2012-05-14 at 10.49.19 AM

XO, Coury

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  1. Congratulations! I'm sure if it's a boy, you guys will find the most perfect name.

    P.S. That dress is adorable on you. :)


  2. Congrats!!!
    Oh I remember those days of always being tired and not myself.
    The hunger comes much later and always in the middle of the night, really it does.
    There is an old wives tale of how to tell what you are having. I knew I was having a boy just a few weeks in.
    All you have to do is ask yourself, "am I shaving more or less?"...if less it is a boy, if more or the same as before its a girl. I swear it totally works. Good luck with everything!!

  3. You look so adorable here! Your outfit is too cute.

  4. adorable plaids!


  5. That dress does have you written all over it! Congrats on the happy news, very exciting for you & gabe & lil birdie!

  6. Um Coury, I just love your blog!!

    Ooooh can you let us in re. the girl name you have already picked? I'm really interested to know!

    Finally, LOVE your dress! So happy you are wearing your beautiful vintage stuff! It's so you! x

  7. I absolutely love your dress and your contrasting nail polish!


  8. You are very pretty!
    Have a great day, dear! <3

  9. This weekend I went on a long walk to get coffee with my friend, about 7 miles round trip! I cleaned my momma's house for her while she was at work as a mother's day surprise and my brother and I gave her the most gorgeous diamond ring. We ate lunch as a big family and I looked through old pictures with my grandma.

    Congrats again and I hope this week is so great for you.

  10. CONGRATS on the refinery collab! that's amazing! I love this dress on you, too!

    P.S. I used to work at a darling childrens boutique and we sold the BEST furniture/ bedding.... you should look into Newport Cottages and serena and lily! I am totally blanking on other brands, but I will try to remember them for you!


  11. That dress is so picnic chic with the plaid print and adorable bow detail!

  12. Boy or girl, you will dress it the cutest!

  13. I think about baby names a lot too (not that I have a reason too haha) and I also look at baby clothes sometimes -I'm with you on the boys clothes...I would just put him in burgundy corduroy overalls and little british shoes everyday, and probably name him Oliver. :) Hopefully you start feeling more yourself soon :) I'm super excited to see the stages over the next quick short months;)

  14. Oh, so sweet dress!

  15. Boy names and clothes are difficult. I felt the same way when I had a boy. There is a lot of great stuff online for boys. I have a girl as well and let me tell you it's hard not breaking the bank just buying clothes for her because there are so many great options. Love the dress in these pics! It's super cute and looks great on you. Hope you feel better soon. You start to feel normal again as you move further into the second trimester.

  16. Absolutely, positively, adorable.

  17. This dress is so pretty!

    Looking for baby stuff sounds really fun! I'm sure you'll rise to the occasion if needed and it is a boy ;)

  18. great dress ^^

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  19. Haha I feel the same way about boys! I just found a little boy jumper for my shop thats sooo so cute that may just change my mind!

    <3 Sarah

  20. You look so darling!
    I hope you have a girl too because you would love dressing her up!

    xo Jennifer

  21. o my goodness. this dress is adorable!


  22. Wow you look smoking in that refinery 29 photo!

  23. Congratulations! I'm sure your baby will be dressed adorably whether it's a girl or boy!

    Love that dress, it's so you!

    Stylish Confessions

  24. you're so neat coury! you and gabe are going to be great parents :) can't wait to see your lil bundle

  25. omgosh how long have i been gone?! i didn't know you were expecting--congrats coury!! i'm SO happy for you =) such an exciting time, and as always you look lovely. your best accessory? the pregnancy glow :)

    hugs from new york <3

  26. lovely, lovely blog! i love this dress you are wearing too.

  27. I swear this is just the perfect dress! The colour is so lovely and I love the gingham print.

    I've always thought exactly the same about boys (I'd love to have a girl) but everything just seems so 'bleurgh' with boys clothes. I only have three boys names I like and would name my child: (compared to the many I have for girls haha) Oscar, Oliver and Reily. Hope that helps? Have a lovely week - and I hope you start feeling better soon!

  28. Oh my gosh, you are adorable and this is SO exciting!!!!!!! Hopefully our children will be neighborhood friends, yay!

  29. This dress is too darling on you! And Congrats on the bundle of joy brewing! Can't wait to see your baby!


  30. Hoping for another beautiful vintage outfit post!

    I love it when you showcase your own vintage style! x

  31. Oh goodness picking a name would be sooo hard but I just love the strategy my mom used - went to her town library and picked up several books of names from the country her grandparents were from & will prob follow suit... if name books even exist still. Huge congratulations on this huge bit step in your lives. Can't wait til you start showing, aaah you'll be the cutest!

  32. I agree! I have a son and it's so much easier to find cute things for girls! I hate that. Don't all these stores know we want cute things for our boys too?? We've gotten my son lots of cute things from etsy. Boy names are harder too. But nothing beats the bond of a mother and son!!!

  33. The dizziness and wanting to sleep all the time was probably one of the worst things for me during my pregnancies. I'm normally anemic and already get dizzy spells but to have it during pregnancy. . not fun. I think you'll feel the best between 25-32 weeks and then you'll just feel bloated and sore. It will be fine though. You can do it! you don't look pregnant yet in your blog pictures!!! I found lots of cute things when pregnant with my sons but I do think it would be more fun to shop for a girl. Sometimes I look at girly baby stuff. I know a lot of people who have little girls (including my niece whom I buy things for), so I at least am not looking for no reason haha.


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