Aug 29, 2012

There's no love song finer.

Hiya and the happiest of Wednesday's to you all! ♥

I have to laugh a little bit at my bump because it looks like I just stuck a volleyball in my skirt...well more like half of a basketball. I'm still feeling great other than a million braxton hicks every day.

The only food I want right now is a Veggie Burger from Ted's (honestly the best veggie burger I've ever had and I've had a lot...well, could be the hormones talking I suppose) or 4 avocado rolls (I always get two and am still hungry afterwards so next time I'm doubling up). Also, something I want and can't have is Bollywood in Studio City. The Indian food I've tried in Nashville is just plain awful.

I'm to the point where I get to see the Dr every two weeks now. Wahoo! Nothing makes my worried mind ease up like a good doctor visit!

We put up a sweet art deco-ish chandelier in Goldie's room the other day and it is just so fun and pretty. I've never even considered having a chandelier in my bedroom but my unborn daughter has one...hmmm. The whole "not spoiling her" thing might be trickier than I thought.

Anyway, fall is a coming! Only a week till Pumpkin Spice Lattes!!!!! Gimme a break. I remember when I first got pregnant I thought about how fun it would be if it was fall and I was big and pregnant and I was drinking a (half or decaf) PSL. Wow, all my dreams are coming true. :)


Skirt: Asos
Blouse: Urban 1972
Shoes: Blowfish
Jacket: Francescas Collections
Bag: Sway Chic

Alright, gotta get to work sewing. Running the Fancy Treehouse store is becoming increasingly difficult but I will chug along happily as long as I can and thank the Lord that I don't have to be on bed rest like a lot of people do! There are just way too many little things to be thankful for in this life. Oh, another is the Brach's Mellowcreme pumpkins that I have been inhaling. THEY'RE BACK. :)

XO, Coury

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  1. You look so bright and adorable and glowy!!! Love the skirt and the blouse. The skirt is such a lovely and demure length and print. :] It feels good to know that everything is going your way, isn't it? Ha.

  2. You are just too precious! There is so much baby happiness over here in my family, and it's nice to see your happiness too through these internets!
    Yay for the soon approaching babies and pumpkin spice lattes!

  3. There she is. Your darling daughter! I love the skirt! You look great!!

    xx, alexia > In The Meantime

  4. You are the cutest! I love this outfit, so inspiring for the day I decide to have a little one as well!

  5. I love how you are having fun with your pregnancy. I loved that time too. And my kids are still on my mind all the time. I'm sure your family is excited too.

  6. you have such a beautifull style
    like a doll! <3

    New outfit post on my blog ;

  7. They're back. Have the rice ready by 6.

  8. you look amazing!

  9. Gorgeous! Glad everyone is healthy and happy!

  10. You look amazing!

    I'd love it if you'd visit and follow!

  11. Your bump is adorable! And thanks GOODNESS pumpkin spice lattes are back next week. I can't wait!!


  12. aw you and baby bump are so adorable! baby chandeliers are so much better than mobiles :)

    Meghan, The Flight of Fancy

  13. Lovely baby bump you got =)
    I love your bag!

  14. You seriously hold pregnancy so well! You make me inspired for fall, for life, and maybe for if I'm every blessed with a babe of my own!

  15. Aren't you the cutest almost mama!

    xo Jennifer

  16. The prettiest and smallest little bump ever! love this skirt way too much!


  17. such gorgeous colors! i love bollywood. now i'm craving it and i don't have a preggy excuse.

  18. Love your outfit. That pencil skirt is awesome! You look amazing, by the way. The cutest pregnant lady I have ever seen.

  19. I wish I learned the secret to keeping a tiny waistline while pregnant!!! You amaze me. It is not fun going to the doctor every two weeks. It is really annoying when you have to do it once a week. Hope all goes well with your visits!!

  20. You look ravishing!!! I'm getting baby fever just by reading and looking at the pics.

  21. I love that the bump is finally showing! I remember it wasn't until I was 7 months that people began to notice. That was the best feeling :) Looking fab my dear.

  22. Your bump is so adorable! Glad you're still up and about!

  23. I admire your style so much; the skirt is super pretty and the front view pictures are wicked misleading! Couldn't even tell you were pregnant.

    chīsana blogger

  24. Your bump is so sweet and compact.
    It's funny to hear you excited for in the UK our summer has been so rubbish it hasn't even got started so we're still keeping everything crossed that we have sunny days yet to come. I'd like fall to hold off as long as poss!
    Lydia @ Treasuredress

  25. You are absolutely beautiful, so stunning <3
    Love this whole outfit, love your makeup, love the adorable bump - you're gorgeous.

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella


  26. i'm not really a fan of vintage, but why do you look so cool in this kind of style? love it.

    Putri Soe

  27. You are the loveliest pregnant lady! Looking absolutely beautiful!

  28. I LOVE those pumpkins!! Yummm!! You are so cute. :) Glad you are able to be up and working around!

  29. Coury!! Counting the days (literally) until that adorable skirt arrives in TEXAS! Yay!!! I'm crossing my fingers I can wear it to Easter Church Service... Making Jesus all happy and being thankful for life and such :)

    Side note: I'm also quite thankful for all of my Fancy Treehouse purchases!! HAPPY EASTER you guys!!


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