Oct 4, 2012

Mother/Daughter Fashion Feuds.

There's nothing quite like a mother/daughter relationship. And there's something so interesting about how different mothers and daughters with completely different styles and personalities interact. Obviously, this leads to more than a few feuds throughout the years. Have you guys seen "Big Rich Texas"? Well, the premiere is coming up this week and Lucky Magazine has partnered up with the Style Network (and, in turn, myself) to discuss mother/daughter fashion. My mom and I have personalities that don't really clash at all and we have had it easy in that department. Sure, I was a surly teen at one point, but we got past it and now we're the best of friends.

I think I already know one issue Goldie and I will have. You see, I am VERY opinionated about what I wear. I have always been this way. I just read in my baby book that I insisted on wearing lavender to my second birthday party. No other color would do. Here's some proof of me doubling up on the lavender. I also had a lavender newsboy cap that I would occasionally use to triple my lavender pleasure. I suppose I just liked the monochromatic look.

My mom absolutely let me run with whatever I felt like wearing and I remember being so young and how much what I wore truly mattered to me. My mom isn't so...controlling (?) and she had no problem letting me express my own style. And these days, even though she has style of her own, I like to pick out her outfits sometimes. I put together all her outfits for a vacation she took last year. It was such a fun experience for me. I know, I'm insane. Isn't she the cutest in all her 70s glory?

Now, Goldie is a scorpio. I'm already prepared for her to be very determined in all she does. It's weird but I already feel that part of her personality come through from inside my belly. Seriously. This will be a fabulous trait but not when her Mama is so excited about dressing her up in my own style. I'm sure this will bring little fights but I know I'll get to dress her up for at least a year right?? Well, maybe she'll like my style too. ♥

Tune in to Big Rich Texas, premiering on Sunday, October 7, at 8/7c on Style to see…

Ps: I still have a weak spot for Lavender.

XO, Coury

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