Jan 28, 2013

January blues.

You see my clever blog title?
It's like...is she referring to her pants or her attitude towards the month of January.
Both, folks.
The grey days are getting old.
The good news is that I have other things in my life other than sunshine to make me happy.
I do miss my sunshine though. BUT, it will come soon enough and I will thoroughly enjoy it. ♥

At the same 'time', time is passing too quickly. Goldie has already outgrown so many clothes. I cried last night when I looked at the onesies that she swam in just weeks ago that she now could not even attempt to wedge herself into today.  We are so very blessed with this baby. She is so happy and so mellow. I have only really heard her cry for real about 3 times. Other cries are what we call "fake cries" when she's just letting us know she's hot or hungry. Anyway, I couldn't possibly love anyone more than her.

So, I won a contest at Chictopia and got tons of amazing stuff. Every single thing in this post except the fox pin is from Shop Akira. So much fun!

I'm Wearing:

Sweater, blouse, shoes, jacket, bag, pants, rings: Shop Akira

Have a great Monday!
Love, Coury

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