Mar 3, 2013


Well, I guess our March has begun..with snow. This would majorly bum me out if it weren't for the 70 degree day in the 10 day forecast. I also saw a couple of trees with pink blossoms on them the snow is okay by me. :)

Snow means staying inside. Luckily, we have a beautifully warm house to huddle up in. I don't dress myself up for snowed in days...but Goldie still gets to play dress up. Thank the good Lord she loves it. ♥

Anyway, my baby is now 1/3 of a year old. Crazy talk. She is learning something new every day. Is it a surprise to anyone that I think she is SO smart? I won't say the word genius. Well, there I go saying it. I am her biggest fan, that's for sure.

Of course, it's not all perfection and I don't want to give that vibe. Being a mom is's more magic than hard, but it's still hard. We had ourselves a time today because she is fighting her naps so bad. She is so social, alert, and determined to learn that sleep is only a nuisance in her eyes. She then gets so tired that she has to just cry herself to sleep. This happened today and it absolutely gutted me. I did everything I could to help her to sleep...nursed, rocked, sung to, white noised...over and over again...everything. She finally had to put herself to sleep out of desperation and her tears broke my heart. The good thing to come out of these yucky moments is surviving them with the ones you love. It's a moment we survived that's worth noting. She woke up from that nap happy as a clam. So many seasons...I know they'll come and go so fast. Can't help but cry happy tears of my own when I'm reminded of that. Life is so fragile and precious.

Here are a few pics from the week. 

Here she is practicing for the day when she will tug on Birdie's ears. Ha ha. She laughed out loud repeatedly at the dogs fighting today. Her first "independent" laugh. You can see it on my husbands Vine. :)

We got a date night last night (thanks to my wonderful Mom and Sister) and it was such a shot in the arm. I relaxed for a couple of hours with my guy. So healthy.

Hope you had a great weekend!

XO! Coury

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