Mar 10, 2013

Mint to bee.

Heyyyyy. It's been awhile since I've been able to take outfit pics. It warmed up this weekend so we were able to get out and about more. Hallelujah!

Now, if I could only get the time to write a proper blog with words and paragraphs. Being a mom is a full time job guys! Best job ever ever ever. ♥

Dress: Fancy Treehouse 
Shoes: Asos 
Bag & Sunnies: Old Anthro 

Have a happy Sunday! 

XO Coury

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  1. oooh! i am in love with the dress and coat combination!!

  2. Forever cute. I love the way you play with bright colors, patterns, and eccentric jewelery. Love the dress and loafers!

  3. LOVE this combo!!

  4. Adorable! And have fun with the baby, they definitely keep you busy (even if its just to snuggle them!). :)

  5. Awesome dress. I love how we always see u in pieces like these loafers and this coat which i love btw - some bloggers are obsessed with never wearing an outfit twice which is just totally unrealistic!

  6. love the colour combo xx

  7. That dress is adorable!

    xo Jennifer

  8. You're the cutest. This dress is so sweet.

  9. You look so beautiful...

  10. Oh this is such a cute look! I'm in awe of any new mumma who can manage to blog anything and look so amazing xxx

  11. this is a really cute combo! love it!

  12. amazing photos :)
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  13. Love love love your love of colour! I can't recall the last time I saw you wearing black on your blog - it is so refreshing.


  14. love all of the mint with the maroon tights! you are too darling.

    Lady à la Mode

  15. Such a great look! I am loving, loving, loving that polka-dot dress! And the color! Le sigh!
    ❤Child of Ethereal Light❤

  16. The dress is super cute and the color is wonderful. I love turquise very much, it should easyer to find that color in fashion, people are shy with colors are'nt they??
    Your baby is beautiful, but I have a very honest question. I know it's none of my business really, but as a mother I have to as you:
    are you not concerned about showing photos of your baby here? I mean, you never know who is whatching this, and some people are not friendly...I hope this doesn's sound to creepy, but you do know what I mean do you?

    however, always follow your blog because you are unique!


  17. coury, this outfit reminds me why i dig your style. :) i think parenthood is the hardest job in the world, and i applaud you.


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