Apr 24, 2013


I know, I know..you're wondering where on earth I come up with these groundbreaking ideas. Ha ha. I know it's nothing new but...oh well...it's my blog and it's my reality..I wore both of these outfits this week. And I loved it. :)

Other than that, we sold our house the first day it was on the market. Can't really beat that! Looks like we'll be having a house built and moving into an apartment in the meantime. Pretty fun! I'll get to pick out everything I like! And Goldie will have a nicer neighborhood to play in. All good all around. God is good to us, as always

I'm wearing: 
Dress: Chicnova 
Spotted flats: Loly in the Sky 
Kisslock Bag: Tulle

XO! Coury  

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  1. what brilliant idea! both outfits look so so cute. and congrats on the house situation! :)

  2. WHERE did you get that kitty tee?

  3. love both outfits!


  4. It didn't click the first time I looked through...then I realised what you meant! I have a few shirt dresses that I can try this with, I'd never have thought to do that!


  5. super cute. and I still can't believe you just had little Goldie! you're so tiny!

  6. Hi dear! Just found your blog, Do you want to follow each other? Let me know. See you soon and kisses xxx

  7. Some people take the fashion to an untouchable stage with their extra ordinary merit of design and color combo of outfits.You are such a kind.

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  8. Love both outfits! The dress worn open like that looks really good. Congrats on selling your house! xxx


  9. YAY! On the house news! :) :)
    And looking beautiful as always :)

  10. Wonderful outfit, I love your dress!
    And great blog, new follower xx


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