Apr 12, 2013

Joy, Joy, Joy.

It's Goldie's first outfit post. JK. Haha.
Anyway, actually it kinda is.
I want to start writing a bit about our sweet baby here for her to look back on one day since her baby book is of the short and sweet and to the point variety.

She is now 5 and 1/3 months old.
The time really has flown. She started sitting up on her own (for just a bit at a time) for the first time yesterday. She has changed in incomprehensible ways. I know it's the same milestones for every single baby, but when it's your own baby it's truly magic.

I knew what her personality would be like from her first ultrasound at 15 weeks. She kept forcefully straightening her legs out over and over (which, by the way, were as big as half a pretzel stick at the time...haha). Anyway, I knew she would be a taking care of business type of gal. And she so is. I didn't realize, however, what a delightfully fun sense of humor she would have to balance her determined nature. She's so happy! Yes, we have tough days and she gets frustrated by what she can't do and 6 times out of 10 it's really hard to get her to sleep....but she is just so joyful. She brings golden sunshine to all!

There's much more I'd like to say but she's waking from her nap now. I've been trying to find time to write this all day and when I get a few minutes here's what comes out...two dinky paragraphs. Ha...well...my sister is going to be working with me on the shop and blog from now on and Lord knows I need the help. It's literally not possible to do it all by myself AND be a present Mama (the more important of the two). I love being a mom (what I was made for) and am trying everyday to balance everything. I certainly haven't even come close to figuring it out..but I'll get there. It's far more important right now to soak in every single moment with my baby.

Here she is looking cute at 5 months. ♥

GOLDIE'S wearing: Onesie-Carters, Pants & Headband-Target, Mocs- Claflin Thayer & Co

As always, thanks for reading! 

♥ Coury

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  1. she is literally gorgeous! When I see Goldie looking adorable on my instagram I always smile. x


  2. I love hearing about your experience as a new mom. I can't believe how fast it's coming up for me. Goldie is just the sweetest. One day we'll have to get our girls together :)

  3. She is just the cutest! Lucky you!

  4. what a lovely girl she is. you must be so proud. you're absolutely right, though. when it's your own child, every milestone is magical. i'm loving how your blog is changing to incorporate more about your little girl. keep it up! it must be lovely to have a sister so close by to help you.

  5. She's so cute. I love hearing her giggles on Vine.
    Also that is really great that you can admit where the frustrations are in being a new mom. I had a really rough time adjusting to motherhood with my first child because I had no clue what I was doing and I never understand how some people just seem to make it look like all is well in every way. . .when I was tired as could be and just wanted to scream in the bathroom or something. haha. It is really cute to see Goldie's personality!!! You're doing a great job!

  6. So adorable! I love it when I hear a mama say they were born to be a mom. It just makes me smile knowing how incredibly loved her little baby is<3


  7. the most wonderful kid ever!)

  8. shes just a doll! and starting to sit up already, i cant imagine the excitement for you! keep it up mama!

  9. Goodness, she is adorable! I love her arms and her cheeks, so cute! :D I am imagine it must be hard.. oh boy, I only hope that one day I won't screw up as a mom.

  10. o.m.g!!! she is adorable!!!!!! s-o cute!!!

  11. Aww she's like the cutest angel!!

  12. i love her mocs! she's just the cutest! i think she's as young as my little Vania bear <3

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  13. Awwww! She is such a little cutie! Makes me wish my little guy was that small again :-) xxx


  14. I love her little Frieda Kahlo-esque head band :) Full of joy, so darling.

  15. She's adorable!

    xo Jennifer


  16. She's so beautiful!
    How fun that you get to spend your whole day with her!

  17. Being a working momma is such a balancing act isn't it!? Can't believe Goldie is already 5 months!! Slow down girl :)

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