May 24, 2013


First off, everything in the STORE is 50% off this weekend with code JUNE.  

Now, what a wonderful day this was! We'd been to Epcot before but it was so much more fun this time because of the garden show happening. There were tons of gorgeous Disney character topiaries and amazing food choices. I couldn't believe I was eating that gorgeous little tomato salad at Disney! And don't EVEN GET ME STARTED on how good the pizza was at that darling Italian restaurant in "Italy". It was better than Bottega Louie. BOLD statement from me. Also, that donut was REALLY good tasted like Voodoo and I'm not even kidding. Yeah, you could say I was happy with the food happenings. I just expect to go all day without eating at Disney parks and finally get starving and eat stale $8 popcorn. So..what a pleasant surprise.

Now we all can't wait to go to Disneyland and California Adventure in October.

What can I say other than that I'm a sucker and a sap for Disney. I love Disney for ever.

I think my very favorite part of the day was sitting in the Italian restaurant chatting with my lovely family with my sleeping baby napping away on my chest in the ergo. I don't think it could have been one ounce better.

My dad bought me this hat at Urban Outfitters in the mall in Orlando. I tried it on and he said "Do you want Dad to buy that for you?" I said, "Sure, if you want", trying to contain my excitement. He's the cutest. Anyway, I've been wearing it literally every day since and I don't see it stopping anytime this summer. 

Fun. Memories.


  1. Epcot is my favorite!! I've never eaten at the Italy restaurant but now I want to next time! We've done Germany, Norway, Japan, Canada, and England. I hope to do them all one day!

  2. Italian pizzas are surely the best! And Goldie is looking even prettier <3

  3. so cute! and the food looks delish x

  4. Looks like the perfect day!

    xo Jennifer

  5. AHHHH i love epcot!! so much and seeing this has made me all warm and fuzzy! I can't wait to go again and take my boyfriend...and one day my future children! That hat your daddy got you suits you perfectly! what a sweet man he is!! he he! I love eating my way around the way at epcot! hope you're having fun!! xxx Rebecca

  6. How cute of your Dad to buy you a hat! Looks like you had an amazing time! That pizza looks soooo good by the way xxx

  7. All your photos are so lovely, and I absolutely love that hat.

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  9. Beautiful pics. Love ur blog and shop! Now following xxx

  10. Your blog is adorable :) And now I'm really hungry and want to go to Disney like yesterday!

    xo Ashley

  11. looks like such a fun trip! I can't believe the pizza was better than bottega... nothing is better than bottega!

    Lady à la Mode


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