May 16, 2013


Hi y'allz. I'm just on my way home from a little family vacation...sitting in the back with Goldie while she sleeps like a little bear in her carseat.

These pics are from before we left and actually, these made me cut my hair. I got so mad because you couldn't see the cute collar on this Dear Creatures dress because of my dumb hair. Ha ha. Then I thought, "wait a sec...why do I have this extra hair when collars are my favorite. Duh." Then I chopped it off and never looked back. Big whoop, right? Well, it kinda is a big whoops to me. I think for a long time, long hair had a part in defining me. Being a mother changed the way I see myself and gave me way more confidence in every aspect of my life. Not that I wasn't confident before...but now it's just not about me. I'm confident for Goldie. It's good.

Anyway, can't wait to share pictures from our very first family vacation with the little snippet. ♥


I'm wearing: 

Dress: Dear Creatures via Ever Mi Crush
Shoes: Lulus


  1. love love that dress <3

  2. Wow, beautiful outfit post! You're looking so cute! Wonderful dress! x

  3. That collar!! Love at first sight! Bet you are loving your hair lighter and freeeeee :)

    Give Goldie a big fat kiss for us!

  4. your shoes are so magical

  5. LOVE that dress! I totally hear what you are saying about seeing yourself differently when you become a mother. I think the moment I found out I was pregnant with my son I felt the first changes in my personality and personal style. Also I just read your Half year post. We had a lot of sleep issues with my son in his first four months of life. He'd sleep in the carrier which I also found very freeing, until those long naps turned into half hour sleeps only. If you can get a hold of this book (it's Australian) it's well worth it. It saved my sanity and got sleep under control for us. "Baby Bliss" by Jo Ryan xxx

  6. Gosh that second shot of you is breathtaking. No mom rocks that pink lip color quite like you either

  7. I do that every other year... at least it seems like I do. I grow my hair out super duper long and then I miss my neckline and being able to see my jewelry around my neck so I chop my long locks off. In the end I justify it by telling myself that change is good and taking off that amount of hair is super healthy, and I believe it is. Hair is just there for appearance sake and it always grows back (eventually).

    But, lets be super honest here Coury, you always look marvelous! My Aunt reads your blog because of your positivity and also because she says you remind her of her favorite vintage Barbie doll she lost when my family moved from NY to Indiana (before I was even thought of). You've been blessed with beauty inwardly and outwardly, that's something we call down south as true virtue. Goldie's got a great role model already!!

  8. Definitely a "big whoop" to me. I more than understand what you mean about long hair defining you. I cut my hair for the first time (!!!!!!) this past November. Right before my 30th Birthday. I wouldn't kid about something THAT big.

    I had Jonah last June and you're right. Becoming a Momma just changes everything (in the most amazing way!!) and makes it about baby. Confidence and just security in who you are.

    You rock, Momma!


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