Oct 11, 2013

Autumn Light

Isn't the light just SOOO Autumn? I know. Autumn has the best light.

It's funny but previous versions of myself would have added bright color to this outfit...shoes, bag, something! I feel defined by color sometimes...but you know what...black and tan and grey are colors too! I can still mix my patterns and neutrals and "say" something with it. This is what I'm learning in an Autumn when I'm drawn to the color black. Sorry, taking clothes too seriously? I doubt you think so if you're still reading. Like it or not, it defines us. And what can I say, I'm loving neutrals!

We are headed to California on Monday. So excited but also a little nervous. Any tips on traveling with an 11.5 month old would be appreciated!


I'm wearing: 
Top: Zara 
Skirt: Asos 
Boots: c/o Seychelles 
Hat: c/o front row shop

Have a great weekend guys! XO, Coury

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  1. You are right: the light is extraordinary! I'm loving the mix of prints in your outfit.

  2. the lighting always looks good in your pictures! your dress is fabulous.
    13 FRIDAYS

  3. Love this outfit!

  4. What a beautiful outfit! I love the combination, really cute! Also the light is fantastic!

    xx Linnae from linnaedesign.blogspot.com

  5. Stunning! I love this mix of prints. X

  6. You look stunning and that lip stick color is so pretty!

    xo Jennifer


  7. when you take off and land, you might want to try giving her a bottle, or have her eating (it will be like chewing gum for us) so baby isn't so bothered by altitude change. also, i brought the ergo baby with me on the plane and a stroller with us, that way, if you ave any connecting flights, you have baby on you and throw your carry ons into the stroller and RUN! hehehhe. we traveled with our munchkin when she was 4 months old and are goingto travel with her again at a year and half - kinda scared about the year and a half trip, eeek! good luck and maybe a favorite book or ipad / kindle, whatever tablet loaded with her fave movies. :) have fun!

  8. Love your Skirt, it's realy nice outfits as always :)


  9. love this outfit!


  10. This is such a beautiful outfit on you! I like the colors and it is rare to see you NOT wearing something bright! hehe.

  11. have a great trip!! i say take her fav little snackies on the plane! that's always been te lifesaver for us :) that and nursing!

  12. Beautiful outfit, love the mix of prints

  13. My tip for traveling with a little one? Patience! You can do it.

    Love Autumn light as well.

    Kate from Clear the Way

  14. This is such a gorgeous outfit. Also in love with the lips (my favourite place to add colour to neutral outfits too). Is this your favourite expired colour or something new?

    1. It's saint germain by Mac..my new fave! :)

    2. It's saint germain by Mac..my new fave! :)

  15. love the black, grey, and neutrals! you look so pretty!

    Lady à la Mode

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