Oct 2, 2013


Hey guys. October. Can't believe it. Only 1 month till Goldie's birthday. How can time pass so slowly and so fast at the same...time? I find myself thinking thoughts centered around the same word everyday-"bittersweet". Everything is bittersweet these days mostly because it's all such a blur. Life in general is one big lovely blur. It's not sad to me, just bittersweet. That's all I can muster right now. As November 3rd approaches I'll be slowly turning into a big cry baby. The finale of Breaking Bad didn't help matters. A fun little part of our lives is over. We watched the whole series over the course of the last year after putting Goldie to sleep. Anyway, more bumbling coming later in the month.

Fall sure is here. It's still warm, but the mornings are all chilly and the leaves are beginning to turn. I love that the chilly days take their time in coming because Lord knows they hang around longer in Spring than they are welcome.

Took these during a fun mini afternoon date with my man. I love bonding with him in the middle of the night when we're worried about our girl's fever breaking and I also love bonding with him alone and talking about our girl the whole time. ♥


I'm wearing: 
Dress: c/o Darling
Shoes: c/o Seychelles
Bag: Cleobella


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  1. You look fantastic - I can't believe it's already been a year. Love following along to your life, such beautiful photos and stories. You have the most adorable family.

  2. you look so beautiful! you can pull off a short dress better than i can and we're the same height!
    13 FRIDAYS

  3. This look is great!

  4. I love that trench!!

  5. Love your coat!

    xo Jennifer


  6. Love all those colours together and the red shoes!!


  7. It's sad when our favorite shows come to an end. And I love your daughters name. It's the best I've heard in a long time.


  8. I need those shoes!

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