Mar 27, 2014


Hey guys! Thursday is here already and that is good! We've had a teething time this week. Waiting on that last 1st year molar to pop through and let me tell's no I'm glad we're halfway through Thursday. The weekend will be welcomed fully with Dadda around to help!

Today I'm excited to share a project with a new iPad app called MAKR. I've been long overdue for some new graphics/stickers/thank you notes for my SHOP so when I discovered MAKR it was a perfect time! I was so impressed with the freshness of the fonts and graphics and with how easy it was and how many different ways there were to make it unique. This would be so fun to use for a birthday party (only 7 months until Goldie's 2nd..haha)! And hey, look at my header! Fun!

It looks like I've got a little helper who was excited about packaging up some orders with the new cards and stickers as well. :)

Download the app HERE. You can check out my project there by and customize it to make it your own.

There's also a special for you guys. You'll get a  free Makr credit AND 20% off a print order when you register with the referral code FTREEHOUSE and enter same code at checkout. Yay!

XOXO, Coury

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*This post is sponsored by MAKR. Thanks a million for supporting my sponsors!