Mar 1, 2014

The world is ours.

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What a special trip down to Florida for the week! My parents gave us kids this trip as one of our Christmas presents. They are just the best. If you don't believe me, I'll tell you that they gave up the king bed so we could be more comfortable with Goldie (wild sleeper alert).

Anyway, these memories are certainly priceless. It ain't easy traveling with a toddler, we all know that! I'm actually glad to be home because it's so much easier taking care of Goldiepants here (I needed a vacation from my vacation..hahaha).

It was heavenly being in warm weather most of the week and I will always be the biggest Disney sap there is. Just magic, I tell you! Boat rides, fireworks, more treats than I could have imagined, characters, wonder in my daughter's eyes, amazing Epcot pizza, cute dresses with no tights or jacket, exploring,  and much more than I could ever say.

The world is a nice place to be. There's magic if you look for it. ♥


 XO, Coury
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