May 23, 2014

Goldie's room.

Hey guys! I thought I would snap some pics of Goldie's room and give you a look. I love being in this room so much. It's so comfortable and happy...which is all you can ask for in a toddler's room. I also spend lots of time in here so I make sure there are lots of happy touches.

It's fun to look back at this post which was a look at Goldie's room in our house in East Nashville before she was born. There are a few things that have stuck around and I am laughing at myself for thinking she would sleep in there at 6 months old. She only started sleeping in her own bed at 14 months old and never once slept in a crib.

It makes me so happy so see the well loved books and dollies and stuffies. I could have only dreamed of the little girl I get to spend mostly every hour with. She is more full of life, personality, hope, and color that I EVER could have wished for. I love trying to help her convey that in decorating her room and putting together her outfits each day.

If you have any sourcing questions, get me on Instagram. ♥

Have a great long weekend everyone! Love you.

XO, Coury

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