Aug 1, 2014

There's so much light here, light and space. The sun's so bright here upon my face.

Man, I can't believe it's Friday already!
I am sitting here at my desk typing and snuggling my squishy warm baby girl. She is such a little snuggle bug and I'm so grateful for that because I know some babies aren't. And I live for the snuggles. Love them so much and cherishing the years that I'll get them because I obviously won't forever. When was the last time I snuggled my mom? Who even knows...Ha ha.

Anyway, hello mermaids on a skirt. Hellllllo!

I'm so excited for the summer weekend. I get to take beautiful evening runs and look at the gorgeous clouds and sky and I have come to ADORE the evening run so very much. We are going to make some Indian Food, go out for lots of coffee, and maybe even go for a swim.

Happy Birthday to my amazing father today. He is a shining example of selfless love. ♥

I'm wearing:
Mermaid Skirt: She and Reverie
Crop top: Fancy treehouse
Sandals: Swedish Hasbeens

Well, have a happy friday guys! So much to be thankful for!!

XO, Coury

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