Nov 6, 2014

It's not easy being green.

Had to throw in a Kermit reference....muppet obsession. Luckily I have passed it on to my daughter. Yes!

A beautiful November day that allowed for over knee socks with no tights. ♥

Also my daughter couldn't be more of a two year old if she was consciously trying. Now it's all about twirling in every outfit..and once you're twirling, you will not even entertain the thought of changing out of that skirt or dress. It takes us about an hour to get out of the house and that's only because I have to bargain with her to get her shoes and tights and hat and coat on...and so on and on...HAHA. Every stage has it's challenges and it's joys. I'm slowly (very slowly) learning to let things go and not be such a control freak. I like order, control, and quiet. Those things usually aren't synonymous with a two year old...(understatement HA). Anyway, she is a true joy.

I'm wearing:

Dress: Fancy Treehouse
Coat: Romwe
Bag: Tenoversix

XO Coury

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