Nov 4, 2014

Utilize your femininity.

Oh, just feeling like a ballerina in my Alexandra Grecco Skirt. Yes, I always wanted to do ballet but never thought to ask my parents if I growing up in a nutshell. I didn't really find my voice until after high school and now so much time has passed that I feel like a different person. I don't mind going after what I want now. Thank the Lord I have found my voice!

Anyway, I'm thankful for this warm November day. The weather here in Tennessee is I really have to fully embrace the nice days. And I do, and I will.

Here's to waking up with a heart filled with gratitude. As my sister recently told me, "You have to bloom where you're planted". Aaaand I'm currently planted here. So much to be grateful for and it's a perfect month to really hone in on that fact day after day and count my many blessings. You know, the glad game!

I'm wearing: 
Skirt: Alexandra Grecco 
Shoes: F-Troupe
Backpack: Vintage
Hat: Free People Matador

XO Coury

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