Jul 11, 2015

HP Instant Ink

Hi Guys! I'm excited today to share a new service from HP, HP Instant Ink. I was so happy to find out about this because I print a lot of shipping labels for the store and I always run out at the WORST time. But really, is there a great time to run out? No. This service is designed to save you up to 50% on the cost of ink and at the same time it assures that you never run out of ink. The printer signals when your ink is low and as part of the monthly service, ink is sent right to your door without you having to worry about ordering it!

I always want to print out special photos or art sent to us by readers but I'm always so afraid that I'll use too much ink and run out when I'm trying to print shipping labels at 11PM one night. HP instant ink gives me the freedom to print out special things so they don't get lost on my computer never to be seen again. It's also really cool that you can print right from your phone! I've never had that luxury before but it's about time! I used the HP Social Media Snapshots to make this little grid. They are so fun and easy to use. :)

Also, I've been printing out coloring pages for Goldie. They have Disney ones so obviously, we are so on it.

There's also a special promo offer for you! You can get 3 months of free ink when you purchase an eligible printer and SIGN UP online for HP Instant Ink.

I have been able to print some precious things because of this service and I just don't think I could ever have enough wall art washi taped up in my house. I love the homey, undone feeling of it.

XO, Coury

*This post was sponsored by HP and all opinions are my own. Thanks so much for supporting my sponsors. :)

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