Oct 19, 2015


So, as you can quite obviously see by these photos, I am fall obsessed. I'm so inspired this year by rich, deep tones mixed with pastels. Looks like Coach was way ahead of me, of course.

I couldn't be more excited to be partnering with Zappos and Coach to share the Coach Swagger  Fall 2015 collection. The collection is all about going bold and the Coach design team came up with such amazing color and texture combos this season. I feel like a bold bag is the new neutral and these go with everything. The quality is as amazing as ever. These are bags you can give to your children some day. My mom still uses a Coach bag she got when I was a little girl. Maybe someday if she stops using it she'll pass it down to me. :)

I am smitten with these bags and it's pretty perfect that they are available at Zappos because Zappos is by far #1 best customer service of any store ever (said it and meant it). I placed my order on Monday and it was at my door by 3pm on Tuesday. WHAT?? I will never get used to that.

Anyway, the deep red crossbody with the pale peach bag.....just a beautiful combo. Plus, it kinda matches absolutely everything I own.

Goldie's dress is from 3 claps.
My co-ord is by Ode to Jeune.
My shoes are Coye Nokes.

XO, Coury
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