Nov 5, 2015

Coach fall.

Hey guys! I'm teaming up with Coach and Zappos once again with the Coach Swagger Fall 2015 collection.

We had a semi cool day so I got to wear this super cozy vintage cardigan for the first time and I was feeling all the cozy vibes I could get my hands on. I just love the pop of color these Coach Swagger bags bring to an outfit with a mostly neutral palette. I obviously don't usually go for the neutrals and but it's a nice but of change for me since the bags have such a thought out palette on their own. Letting the bag shine! :)

Zappos, as always, impressed me with the ease of their customer service. So important! The girl I chatted with when I had a question was so nice, I felt like I was talking to my best friend.

 I found these vintage jeans and they aren't the perfect pair, but they will definitely do until I find the perfect pair. I love the feeling of vintage clothes with a beautiful new bag. :)

I also went a little mad planning future fall outfits around these sweet sneaks, the cherry cross body I wore in the last post, and the mini carryall. Sue me! Now if we could just get some fall weather! ♥

*This post was brought to you by Zappos and Coach and obviously all opinions are my own. 


XO, Coury
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