Nov 29, 2015

Overall time.

I do love me some overalls. It was fun taking this 70s flared version from Unique Vintage (ps: everything is 25% off today at their site!!) for a spin. It was pretty chilly this weekend (for LA) so I busted out my pink muppet coat and was nice and cozy. We stopped by Village Bakery and picked up a flourless chocolate cake. I have been eating these for years and years and they are always delicious and the fact that they are heart shaped doesn't hurt one bit.

Hope you all had a magnificent Thanksgiving. We did. It was just our little family of three (+dog) this year but I think we did pretty a-ok for ourselves. :)

Currently feeling very excited about the future. ♥

My unicorn booties are from OuiGal.
My blouse is in MY SHOP.
Overalls are from Unique Vintage.
Goldie's top is Ode to Jeune.
Her Skirt is Louise Misha.
Her crown is Fancy Free Finery.

XO, Coury
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