Feb 15, 2016

Valentine Saturday.

It's funny to look at the last post and the fact that is was "cold" then (for Southern California). It has been SO warm and SO beautiful. I don't know what I did to deserve this February. Probably the fact that I was sick for months straight and I'm feeling better AND the warm weather came. I can't believe my good fortune.

We had a fabulous Valentine's Day Saturday. We went out for treats at Bottega Louie and coffee at Blue Bottle downtown. Then Gabe went into the studio to work on some music and Goldie and I had some Galentine's Day fun together. We got ice cream at chickfila (she's obsessed with it) and played at a couple of different parks. It was a dreamy day.

I haven't even really been feeling pregnant at all. In fact, I keep forgetting I'm pregnant and making crazy plans like opening a store and training for a marathon. I'm just feeling really inspired to improve myself personally and financially (probably the warm weather). But I'm forgetting that my life won't be my own for about a year, although I know people still make things happen when they have a newborn. I think that's my goal: try and still keep my goals on track while putting myself 100% into the first year of a child's life. The first year is HARD, but I feel like I might have made it harder on myself the first time and I have hope that it may be slightly easier this time in some way? Even if it turns out to be even harder, hoping that it will be easier isn't going to hurt anyone...and a year flies by! Anyway, my point is that I'm inspired and it can only be a good thing. Happy mommy=happy baby.

Goldie's darling dress is from LUXTOTS.