Mar 24, 2016

Pink trees.

Hey guys! It's almost Friday! Pumped for Easter Weekend! I'm almost 26 weeks preg and nesting is in full effect. Wow. I forgot how powerful it is. I am obsessed. It's not easy in this small space and we only have two bedrooms so we're trying to carve out a corner for baby in our bedroom while also trying to figure out how to hide the humongous elliptical machine that's in there. We'll get there! Today i have been franticly organizing and I have SOOO much to do. You know, mostly pointless stuff that's only going to make me feel better and more in control. Oh, hormones.

My dress and bag are PepaLoves.
Goldie's dress is from Lux Tots and her shoes are Zuzii.

XO, Coury
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