Mar 20, 2016

Seeing is believing.

Just more photos from PS. I always go overboard but I'm ALWAYS happy I did. Baby brother is going to come out knowing the sound of the shutter, Haha.

Anyway, today I am 25 weeks pregnant. Can you even? Lol. It feels like it's gone by in a flash and at the same time it feel like I've been pregnant for 4 years. Still forgetting that I'm pregnant if I have the right clothes on and so thankful for that. With Goldie, I started getting constant contractions at 27 weeks and I'm crossing my fingers that it doesn't happen this time....but if it least I'll know she didn't come too early. I have been really craving sweets all of a sudden when I couldn't stomach them at all for the first half of my pregnancy. I'm letting myself have a few bites here and there but obviously not going overboard. I've had quite the relationship with tempeh bacon in the last week or so (pretty much every single night for dinner) and I think our affair is winding down. Bye tempeh bacon. Before that it was anything with JalapeƱos. I wonder what's next??? Cant wait haha. Feeling good, feeling lots of kicks and movement, some of which are beginning to hurt. I love it. I've gained about 12 pounds so far which is a couple up from my last pregnancy but I was lower to start this time so I guess it evens out. I don't really have any symptoms except for little aches and pains here and there and some heartburn from my prenatal vitamins. Drinking gross amounts of water after they told me I was dehydrated at the hospital last week. I am shoving water down my throat (and I am not a fan). Thankful for the uneventful-ish second trimester. Only 3 more weeks then I'm in the third. can't believe it. THEN, my family is moving back to California! Woohoo! I'm happy we can hang out and make memories for the last month or so until baby comes!

Ok, so, here are some pictures that make me happy. :)

My dress is by pepaloves.
Goldie is wearing pieces by Crew and Lu and Lacey Lane.

Hope you had a great weekend! We did!

XO, Coury
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