May 13, 2016


Goldie and I did a fun mini shoot with Kahli MacIntyre for Ultraviolet kids and it was so special and fun. I am continuing to cherish every moment I have with my only baby while she still is. I've also become so happy lately that we're having a boy so Goldie and I can be the only girls and still have our special things. :) I'm the luckiest Mom in the world and I am so grateful to be spending another Mother's Day with my angel. I need to start writing her more letters so here goes on one while she's at Target with her Dad getting me toothpaste and mint chip ice cream. :)

Goldie, you just had your half birthday. It honestly seems like yesterday that you turned 3. I have tried my best to stop time but it continues to steamroll ahead. I swear every day I am in awe of your sweetness. There are moments every single day that your Daddy and I will just look at each other and wince at how sweet your heart is. I feel so proud that your name is so true of you and that you do and will bring golden sunshine to everyone around you and make the day of those lucky enough to know you even a little bit better. I have never seen one mean spirited thing come out of your mouth and you always offer the bright side of every situation. You make me want to be a kinder and eternally optimistic person. You will never lose that light. It will be there in you forever and I promise to help you keep it. You are everything and my dream come to life. Love you forever.

XO, Coury
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