Aug 22, 2016

Food loves Milk

So, I was challenged by CA Milk to come up with a recipe that pairs well with.....MILK. Goldie definitely has a glass of organic whole Milk every single day so I though it was a perfect challenge to try and get some actual food into her belly...and you know, Gabes and mine too haha.

I thought it would be fun to try a play on the classic peanut butter sandwich and milk and make a rainbow veggie stir fry with spicy peanut sauce. I LOVE peanut sauce but I never make it for some reason.  When Gabe and I were first married and had literally ZERO dollars to spend, I used to get steamed rice and peanut sauce from a thai place in Echo Park. The rice was $1 and the peanut sauce was .50.  Haha, even though I have a few more dollars to spend on meals now, I would still choose rice and peanut sauce 9 times out of 10. Ha. So glad I made it and it was so easy. I'll be making lots of batches in the future. And adding fresh veggies of course.

I found the recipe HERE and modified it according to what I had on hand. I always prefer doing that with recipes and it saves money if you don't have to go out and buy more ingredients. I used white rice because that was what I had. I do prefer brown rice and it would be so good with noodles too.

Anyway, Gabe and I really enjoyed it and Goldie did try some and that's all I ask. All we can do is keep setting a good example for them and eventually they will like healthy foods. She chugged their milk like always and her comment about the meal was, "Well, I DID like the milk!". Haha. Such a positive person. She's the best.


Thanks to CA Milk for sponsoring this post. I had so much fun.

XO Coury