Aug 3, 2016

I know we're gonna make it.

Unbelievably, Sweet Darcy has been with us for 6 whole weeks! These pictures are from when he was 2 weeks old but you know, I'm just now blogging about it.
The newborn fog still isn't my favorite, but I definitely enjoyed it more this time around. The more I get into it this time, I realize how poor my mental state was after Goldie was born. It wasn't anything serious, but it just hit me so hard. I was not prepared to have chaos and zero sleep and holding and nursing a baby all day long and to not be able to take a shower or fix a piece of toast. It's just such a shock and no one can prepare you for it. I totally knew what I was in for this time and I've been able to enjoy it more and not stress so much. I have made time for myself to get ready and get dressed and do my make-up every day. It's just important to me to feel semi-put together. If that's not important to you, by all means excuse yourself from it! I think it just helps to feel like you're in control of SOMETHING, whatever small thing is important to you. I've also been able to work this time as soon as we were home from the hospital because "work" is working with brands on instagram and I am SOOO thankful I have the opportunity to do that. Doesn't feel like work at all but I can help support my babies and be with them all the time. I don't take it for granted because I know I won't always have those opportunities.

Anyway, on a good night, Darcy is up 3 times and on a bad night, fuggettaboutit. Turns out, I don't make kids who sleep well but dammit are they cute and sweet and kind!

Ok, more later. I'm just posting this a week later because I never finished it. Haha.

Love to you.