Nov 5, 2016

Disney Birthday.

Disney birthdays are something that makes me so thankful we live in Southern California. We started the day with princess breakfast. Actually Darcy started the day by blowing out his diaper in the car on the way that was fun. Some of Goldie's little friends (and their friends) came and met up with us through the day and it was so special! My family also met us and surprised Goldie girl. It was definitely overload but if you can't overload for a birthday, when can you? I absolutely spilled waffle berry puree all over everything I was wearing but, you know, welcome to being a mom! At least I have an excuse. I love taking pictures so much. Planning on investing in a new camera soon because this one is on it's last leg.

We're going back to Disney for a few days at the end of the month and a week after that, our life changes forever. I'm excited but change is always bittersweet. I love our life right now...but that's what I said before I had Darcy and now I have adjusted to loving this new life...and will continue to do so with each new phase of life we are granted. I just love life with my family.

Anyway, here are a whole bunch of photos. I'm not the best at editing down.

Goldie's white Dress: Joyfolie
Bunny shoes: Minna Parikka
Swan Dress: Alex and Alexa
Darcy and my Tshirts: Bando
My jeans and coat: Asos
My shoes: LF shoes

XO, Coury